Surprising Events

byjacobmetcalf8oct2010flickr5062700599_77f69aa2f1_zToday I read a story that captured my interest. A veteran nurse who worked in the critical care unit located at Indiana University Health Goshen Hospital, was fired for refusing to take a mandatory flu shot. I will naturally provide the link to this story at the end of my post (it’s a very compelling article), as I am not going to repeat it all here. The thing is … I have taken two influenza shots (in 1974 and 1996) and both times I became deathly ill. I will never ever repeat this mistake let me assure you.

I stand behind Ethel Hoover’s decision to refuse the flu vaccine 100% because it is her body and she does have rights. I certainly hope she lawyers-up and sues the pants off that place. Ethel Hoover was one out of 1,500 medical employees who refused the flu shot, and one of eight employees that were fired. What is your opinion please?

See “Nurses Fired For Refusing Flu Shot”


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8 responses to “Surprising Events

  • notebooksandteacups

    I think it’s twisted to try to force anyone to have something put into their bodies that they oppose. Did her management team even consider asking her to sign a waiver of some sort, to limit their liability in the event that she contracted a nasty strain of the flu?

    I’m with you on this one, and of course, Ethel!

  • Jackie Hooper (@JackieHooper12)

    I have worked in the medical field before and I doubt she has a case. My son-in-law is a DR. and medical director and my daughter is a nurse.

    It’s most likely part of Ms. Hoover’s original agreement to take the shots when she started working there. Flu shots always make me sick too. But, I had to take them when I was working in the field.

    My daughter said they are really expecting a bad out break this year. I worked in a nursing home and I saw multiple deaths each year to the sick and elderly caused by the flu.

    My husband and I also had to take them when we worked in the school system. It’s just part of the deal with some jobs and it does work!!

    So sorry to disagree with you…I do see your point too. But, I want everyone working in the schools where my grandchildren go and everyone in the hospitals to have flu shots!!

    Of course, that’s just my very humble opinion….happy weekend!

    • Theresa H Hall


      Good to read your take on this and viewpoints. If you read the article you will understand she never took these injections and it is only this year where they insisted.

      • Jackie Hooper (@JackieHooper12)

        I did read that part and I do understand the issue in relation to control of our own bodies. I even support it. I have no clue why or how the hospital got away without requiring flu shots as long as it did. I would imagine they are being forced to do it now because of government intervention which we all know is growing more and more everyday in every aspect of our private lives.

        One thing I can’t understand about any of this is why they are so worried about the flu shot and no one gets smallpox vaccinations anymore.Our children, now well into their forties never received smallpox vaccinations. Literally millions could be wiped out with a smallpox outbreak.

        I don’t take the flu shot myself and have no plans too because they do make me so ill. But, I am not out in the public much. After listening to my daughter and son in law about the danger posed this year though my husband and I may change our mind. We don’t know yet.

        Our son-in-law also works for Homeland Security in his state and I wonder if there is or has been a threat made that we the public have not been made aware of in regards to the flu this year. But, I am always paranoid when it comes to the government of any country!

        I do still think it’s best to safe than sorry when it comes to hospital, nursing home and school system workers. But if they need the flu shot so badly then why do we continue to ignore Smallpox? The lack of those vaccinations are a real pet pave of mine!

        Last but not least, in conclusion, I am almost positive all of this with this hospital is directly linked to Obamacare and funding. We can all look for major changes in many aspects of our lives from this point forward. I guess we all just have to wait and see if they turn out for the better of all concerned or the worst.

        Now I wish to say that I hope you have a great weekend and I will leave you alone where this issue is concerned. I have said enough!

      • Theresa H Hall


        I love your responses. You have shed much light so we all can understand a few other aspects of this topic. I agree that a smallpox outbreak would be catastrophic. I wish they would stop calling it Obamacare because everyone should have health care. Canadians have had this in place for decades.

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