On The Eve Of The 2012 Election

The first political event I remember was the eve of the 1960 election between Nixon and Kennedy. Daddy paced round the living room, the dining room, down the hallway into the kitchen (to rattle some pans or inspect food stuff in the refrigerator) and then passed our bedroom door, on his way back to the television set. Mother told us children that Daddy was concerned about what the news anchor had to say because they wanted Senator John F. Kennedy to in the race.

Being devout Catholics it would place a fellow Catholic into the White House for the very first time. Since I loved attending Mass I put my little hands together and prayed Mr. Kennedy would be the winner. He did win and a month later a plane went down on the far side of Staten Island, which freaked-out Mother (which is the main reason we moved) and a month after the new president’s inauguration, our family packed up our belongings and made the long trek down the east coast to Miami, Florida. Our grandparents resided there and we settled about five miles from their home for a year and a half, before relocating to Bethesda, Maryland, where we have been circling our Nation’s Capitol ever since. It’s a dull town Washington, D.C. filled with politicians not at all artsy like New York City. (sigh) I find the politicians, with their endless television ads, plus the ranting on the news channels, where everything is sensationalized, tiresome and it leaves me shaking my head. I hardly ever tune in but for the debates and then finally, the week leading up to the election.

It is a horrible hurricane that ravaged the east coast. Thankfully we were on the edge of her path and felt only a small taste of her fury. The folks to our north did not fare so well as most of us have seen. It is a heartbreaking thing to witness and we did donate and pray and send out our good thoughts to our fellow citizens who have lost everything but their fighting spirit and their ability to keep the faith that things will be put to rights eventually. I am proud of the quick response by President Obama, his team and FEMA. I also wish to applaud Governor Chris Christie for being so gracious, loving, a good leader and putting his people first … before partisanship. This is how it should be, our government officials coming together and working together for its citizens. It’s exactly what has been missing over the last four years in Congress with the opposing and racist side doing everything they could to take a fraternity stance against someone they find distasteful. They just didn’t get it. Governor Christie gave them a good lesson this past week. He demonstrated how to lead, showed empathy and concern and he protected the people of his state. He continues still to encourage the residents with just the right words and actions on their behalf. We saw leadership in action from our Commander-in-Chief and our government producing the needed help as quickly as was possible, considering all of the devastation everywhere the eye could see.

Although there is the sad fact that some New York officials did not include all of their Five Boroughs (mainly Staten Island) until Thursday (two days after the hurricane hit) where half of the fatalities were. I read about the woman who had her two young sons swept from her arms by Hurricane Sandy. I read the story of a 62-year-old woman who tried to save her 89-year-old mother from the rising waters in their living room (chest-high) throughout the night but could not. I cried for them all! There should not be separatist thinking, preferential treatment or distinction! It took people nationally stomping their feet in disapproval of the New Your City Marathon Race before the mayor finally decided to postpone this event. Instead many of the contestants are still helping out the hurricane victims. Hats off to them.

New Jersey and New York City Police, and especially their Firefighters, are to be applauded once again. They had to battle hurricane winds and rains, wade through chest-high waters wearing their heavy protective gear, while hauling their equipment in order to fight the huge fires that destroyed 80 homes! I read where one man ran outside his apartment building to enter rising and raging waters to save the life of a taxi driver. There are so many unsung heroes. Seeing the lives and memories of these families, their belongings and homes turned into rubble was almost unbearable to watch, but we did so because we know that even if we were not there fighting alongside our fellow citizens, we were sending them support and love. When America hurts it seems we all hurt to a degree. Please donate if you have not yet done so. Every penny counts!

Over the weekend I have listened and watched the final days of the election unfold. I have seen the advertisements of lies from one side of the candidacy and the common sense approach from the President. Plus voter suppression is still a major concern in the State of Florida and Ohio. Even were I not a Democrat with liberal leanings, I would still cast my vote for the man who has kept his promises, while battling his personal hurricane of jealous (mostly) white men and women in Congress, who in my opinion should be tossed out of their positions into the streets for not doing their respective jobs, which is to work with the sitting president. It’s what they were elected to do … not to take bribes and work for the rich men and women who think to drive the propaganda of the elite 1%. Hell No! And as some voters were reminded to do … “Vote Republican because Lincoln freed the slaves” … really? If both Jesus and Lincoln were here today they would surely cast their votes for President Barrack Obama. 


7 thoughts on “On The Eve Of The 2012 Election

  1. “Over the weekend I have listened and watched the final days of the election unfold. I have seen the advertisements of lies from one side of the candidacy and the common sense approach from the President. Plus voter suppression is still a major concern in the State of Florida and Ohio. Even were I not a Democrat with liberal leanings, I would still cast my vote for the man who has kept his promises, while battling his personal hurricane of jealous (mostly) white men and women in Congress, who in my opinion should be tossed out of their positions into the streets for not doing their respective jobs, which is to work with the sitting president.”

    That’s pretty biased and intellectually dishonest. If you think the dishonest lies came from only one side this election cycle, I really question your objectivity or whether you even watch TV. And to insinuate white women and men in Congress don’t worth with Obama because of jealousy is just another pathetic attempt at playing the race card. When Bush was President, the Democrats tried to stall everything he did as well – it’s just the way politics works! I don’t agree with it, but it certainly isn’t only a Republican issue.

    I know you from BC, and you seem like a nice person, but really this wasn’t a very objective analysis of why someone would vote for Obama.

    • Dear David,

      Thank you for telling me that I am not only biased but also intellectually dishonest. Wow. You made my day! 😀

      I am a “White Woman” and I have seen for myself that (most) of these opposing people are of the white race, so if I am playing The Race Card it would be to tell these individuals to stop putting a wrench into the spokes of Democracy and help the American People … not do almost everything in their power to impede the progress of a man who has done nothing but good for our country. The majority of the world, especially Canadians agree with me. I do watch the news and read the papers “The Washington Post” and I am savvy in that I know what is going on right before my eyes. Have you not see the ads this week about China, Italy, the auto industry, Medicare, Medicaid, ObamaCare, the rich 1% and Women’s Rights and Equal Pay and so many other things? Voter Suppression and the Drill-Baby-Drill attitude the other candidate has? I wrote a post, in my opinion, if I were to narrate on the whole of the past week, I would need to write a small book. I was pointing out some of the foolish straws Mitt has pulled out of his hat … saying anything to get elected. I never said everything from the Democrat Party has been perfect but most 96% has been spot-on. Too many things Mitt has said has been double-speak and downright lies. Or he is busy telling us how he (on his first day in office) will undo all of the progress we have made thus far.

      I AM a totally nice person David and I am voting responsibly for the man who is the Commander-in Chief! President Barrack Obama. Oh … Not a hint of scandal in four years. Cool! Refreshing! 😀

      • Biased, yes. But I’ll retract intellectually dishonest 😛

        You say: “I never said everything from the Democrat Party has been perfect but most 96% has been spot-on.”

        Obviously that is just opinion. Around 50% of the country disagrees with you, perhaps more. We will find out tomorrow…

        I even agree with you on Romney flip-flopping. All I say is that Obama is just as guilty. In fact, I wrote about this very thing back in August: http://www.thelibertyinitiative.com/2012/08/who-can-we-trust-obama-or-romney.html

        Lastly, not a hint of scandal in 4 years? Benghazi ring a bell? Fast and Furious ring a bell? In fact, the Washington Post printed a top 10 list of his scandals (there were more, these are just the ones that made the top 10). http://communities.washingtontimes.com/neighborhood/list-ten-those-top-then-things-we-enjoy/2012/feb/22/top-ten-obama-administration-scandals/

        So, again, I won’t say you are intellectually dishonest. But objective? This article definitely wasn’t…

      • It looks like replies only go three levels down so I’m gonna have to just interject my two cents here.

        There is policy and then there is politics. Despite the similar names, they are different. Policy is right or wrong based on facts and outcomes. Politics are personal and based largely on opinions. So when Theresa believes that the Democrats are 96% spot on, that’s her opinion. When ~50% of people vote against Obama, those are their opinions, too. The actual outcomes (are more people insured? did the economy recover?) are what will determine whether the policies were right or not.

        I’m going to have to disagree with David on the flip-flopping. While all politicians adjust their stances, the problem I see with Romney is that I have absolutely no clue which Romney we’re going to get if he’s elected. That scares me. The devil you know is better than the devil you don’t.

        As for Theresa’s comments on scandal, I’m not sure where those are coming from. I don’t know if I’m ready to call Benghazi a scandal, but Fast and Furious definitely has all the trappings of one. If your definition of a scandal is sleeping with your secretary, well, which President was the last one with a scandal?

        Voter suppression is an issue, though, and let’s be honest, it targets the poor and uneducated. That’s a demographic that typically votes Democrat. And all these efforts in the name of preventing voter fraud? What fraud? The incidence is minuscule, and the potential to disenfranchise thousands is very real.

        Um, yep. That’s about it. Carry on.

  2. Theresa, I agree with you that it was wonderful, and, unfortunately, exceptionally out of the ordinary for Republican Governor Chris Christie to work in lock-step with President Barack Obama to help the people of New Jersey. This illustrates to me the truth of what the President has said from the beginning that he would be a President for ALL Americans.

    I remember how in the past Democrats and Republicans were able to work together for the good of their country and its citizens. Now Republicans have sworn allegiance to Grover Norquist rather than to their country. If I were in a position to do so, I would Fire these people and replace them with reasonable people who are not afraid to compromise for the good of us all. I have already voted for President Obama and Vice President Biden because they have done amazing things in the last four years, and all without any help or compromise from the Republicans.

    At any rate, whoever you vote for, please vote. It is not only a right, it is an obligation for people who want to assure good government, to step up to that voting booth!

    • Melody,

      So I am not the only person thinking I have the last four years correct. Vice-President Biden has also done an outstanding job and he, along with Secretary of State Hilary Clinton, have helped the President improve our global standing round the world. Nice of you to mention that Governor Christie has worked well with President Obama and that everyone should cast their vote. It’s our rights as Americans!

  3. Theresa,

    The Nixon/Kennedy election was the first one I really remember too! We were also Catholic and it was a big deal because Kennedy would be the first Catholic president. My dad anxiously watched election returns (and like you, I also prayed for Kennedy). JFK was inaugurated on my birthday, Jan. 20th, something I’m proud of. I’m from New Jersey but live in Maryland now too, and have to agree with you about how D.C. lacks the artsy flavor of NYC.

    That hurricane decimated my home state of New Jersey! I’ll be doing a blog post about it soon. My relatives there had some damage but luckily everyone is OK. Luckily, we didn’t get hit too badly in this area. I have been very impressed too by the quick response by President Obama and FEMA (unlike Bush and Katrina!). And I also applaud Gov. Chris Christie for keeping politics out of it and putting the needs of his state and people first! Thank you for complimenting the brave firefighters and police. That fire in Queens, NY, was so heartbreaking. There were so many heartbreaking stories from that monster storm.

    Yes, all those men and women in Congress who made it their primary objective to obstruct instead of doing what they were elected to do and work with the president should be tossed out of their positions and into the streets! Well said! That campaign telling people to vote Republican because Lincoln freed the slaves is shameful. The Republican party of Lincoln is not today’s Republican party by a long shot! Today, Lincoln’s views would more closely align with Democrats. And you’re right, he’d vote for President Obama. Excellent post and lots of good points!

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