Tummy Grumbles

“Lysol Disinfecting Wipes”

Want to wish everyone a good week.

My Joe arrived home Thursday about 6PM and on Friday, he complained of experiencing tummy grumbles, and he still has them now. He was up during the night and had to go to the office early. After the tour and trying to catch up on his sleep he is understandably tired.

Traveling can earn you frequent flier miles and ailments like what he is encountering. You usually hear admonishment like “Don’t drink the water”. Plus he came into contact with people traveling from around the globe; in airplanes, trains, taxis, restaurants, nightclubs, radio stations, hotels and concert halls who got to breathe a lot of the same air. Germs, infection, bacteria and other things like parasites or even food poisoning could be related to his tummy grumbles. I’m happy to say that in all the years since we met that he has had one bought of nausea from a night when we drank brandy, two tummy grumbles … (now three) and the odd cold. Otherwise he has been extremely healthy.

Have to say that as much as I adore my guy I sure hope he keeps these grumbles to his own tummy and leaves mine out of the scenario. My tummy feels a little queasy but it could be that I feel sorry for him. So … I gave him very well done pancakes and coffee for breakfast, he’ll eat stir fried rice for lunch and then a mild fish dinner tonight. Oh no! My own tummy just rumbled. This compassion and empathy thing has gone far enough. I’ll scrub my hands (I do this 50 times a day) and I’ll wipe down all of the surfaces with Lysol Wipes and then wash my hands again before I bake bread. That should make him feel a lot better. I love my Joe!


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