Thank You Mr. President!

On the BlogCatalog Discussion Board, Joel asked this: 

What I want to know is where was last night’s Obama during the first debate? Last night Obama gave a winning debate performance (and, as @Agit8r said, Romney a losing one). In the first debate the opposite was true, in my opinion.

To which I replied:

Frankly, I believe he had Presidential matters and foreign matters going through his mind throughout the debate, plus, he is an attorney and in our courts of law, we are to be very well-mannered and wait our turn speaking, etc. I think he was trying to remain calm and when he looked back he understood he had to put on the proverbial boxing gloves. 

Last night they were actually circling one another! For a second there I thought the President wanted to punch Mitt on the nose. In the end … he did not allow himself to be bullied or be pushed aside. 

When the time came … (Mitt leaned in and raised his eyebrows in that arrogant way of someone who believes they have caught another in a lie … or a GOTCHA MOMENT) the President took Mitt to task in front of 65 Million viewers. How was that for telling him like it is. Mitt has no idea how to be presidential. 

Mitt understands how to dismiss us … the little guys, well over the 47% of Americans who are not responsible for our own welfare. He is for those 1-2% of society. The rest of us can go put our heads in the sand … or just Fuque-Off. (Since Joe is in Paris I’ll say it … Pardonnez mon français)

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6 thoughts on “Thank You Mr. President!

  1. President Obama was truly Presidential last night. He made mincemeat out of Willard Romney, who is a dismal failure both as a candidate for high office and as a human being (and I’m stretching a point by including him in that category). Obama beat the #$%^& out of Romney with WORDS! Thank you, Mr. President!

  2. As you know, Theresa, I’m an Indian living in India. However, that doesn’t mean I don’t watch the debates. I do follow them closely. In the first debate, I wanted to called the President aside and tell him to go get Romney. Yesterday, he did just that and how! 🙂

    • Well Little Daisy … Joe and I are so happy you and your Mommeh (Harley and your Daddeh?) will be voting for our sitting President. Cannot wait for the final debate. We are voting early. HooRay! 🙂

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