Aw … Now I Have To Esplain’

Joe called an hour ago then the connection was dropped. I was in the dark and saying “hello” to no one in particular. I called him back. He said “hello” but with a question in his voice. “Didn’t you just call me? I asked. “I Skype phoned you” Joe replied. “Well it didn’t work” I stated unnecessarily. I heard all sorts of background noise and assumed he was calling me from the plane. “We missed our flight home” delivering this line in a tired voice. “I’m asleep … call me back later” I requested. We disconnect and my eyes flew open. Missed the flight! Well, I’m wide awake now!

After a quick dash (if you call shuffling my bare feet across the carpet a dash) I washed my face and hands and then went to the iMac. I pressed any key and the screen sprang to light. Very bright! I Skyped him back and as he came into view I demanded info. Traffic jam on the road from Luxembourg Film Festival, where they played the last venue, to Paris. Traffic jam? I looked at my clock and it is 4:24 a.m. … what traffic jam? Then I remember it’s 10:34 a.m. there. Oh … it sinks in. Papa is delayed. He says, “I don’t know when I’ll get home”. He’ll call me later.

Now I have to Esplain’ to the kitties but they’re not gonna be happy. We’ve been counting down the days till Papa comes home. Going back to bed. Safe journey!


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14 responses to “Aw … Now I Have To Esplain’

  • Dan Bonser

    Nothing quite like those moments on the phone when you are too tired to respond fully, so you end the phone call, and then the conversation sinks in and you go, “Wait…what?!?!?”

    • Theresa H Hall


      When I sleep my dreams are so involved it takes me hours to fully recover from my nocturnal adventures. Early wake-me-up calls tend to catch my brain and mouth in a delayed mode. Thanks for stopping by. Hello to your Mrs. 😀

      • Dan Bonser

        I still remember one time, a very long time ago, I had credit card debt, and such, and I was working on my credit, and someone called me really early offering me a credit card. I didn’t need anymore, so I hung up on them. About 5 minutes later, I realized, they said they weren’t a credit card company, and they wanted to offer me a loan because of my high credit score, to consolidate all my credit card debt into a lower interest loan…. Out of all the telemarketer calls in my life…that’s how I treated the only good one…haha.

      • Theresa H Hall

        Dan, I understand this completely and can see your eyes opening wide as the light bulb in your mind went off … ah, those golden moments of comprehension. 😀 (good one)

  • Melody J Haislip

    Oh, no! So sorry, Theresa, what a disappointment. Hope they’ll be home soon!

    • Theresa H Hall

      Keep your fingers crossed the travel agent can work her magic and they will be able to use the tickets without any additional charges. I already shared how expensive just one is. Thanks. Should be home tomorrow. 🙂 The meows looked resigned and then they went back to sleep.

  • JerseyLil

    Theresa, so sorry for the kitties (and you!) that Joe’s coming home is delayed. I wish him a safe flight!!

  • nothingprofound

    Catching this a little late. So by now your hubby should be home and you, he and the kitties re-united.

    • Theresa H Hall

      HooRay! Joe returned home yesterday, safe and sound from the tour, and as soon as he gets home tonight we will watch television (recorded shows) hold hands and sit in companionable bliss. Snuggling is very romantic. Love is being comfortable in the company of your significant other, child, friend, parent, sibling or pet. Quality time is Awesome.

    • Theresa H Hall

      Marty, the reply below is for you. Thanks he’s home but has the tummy grumbles. 😦

  • Janene

    I hope all ended well. Flight delays stink. ;(

  • boris bt torbich

    Dear Madame Hall,

    I just surfed The Blackbyrds on the Internet and I noticed your blog. Must tell you that Joe and other members of the group have done themselves very proud and it was a privilege and honour to see and listen to them live. I just hope they come back soon here to Europe. May I wish you and your family a good health and more than a wealth I wish you a lots of love, luck and music in life.


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