Fooled Me … But I’m Very Grateful!

A few moments ago, I woke up and since the television had been left on I believed I was watching one of those news programs Joe enjoys reviewing (much like those international car races he tapes). I wrapped my fuzzy little brain around this thinking that they sure were warmed up for six o’clock in the morning. Wrong … it was six in the evening.

As I mentioned earlier, the crazy smoke detector was driving me to distraction. I’d been reduced to a woman with shredded nerves. Finally out of desperation, I imagined myself going upstairs and taking down those attic steps (they’re heavy, cumbersome and unfold), on the top landing. I saw myself climb up, loop my arm through the left side of the ladder, between two rungs and stretch across and out over the bannister where I would carefully unscrew the smoke detector on the ceiling. And that’s when I decided I would not be able to do this without maybe tumbling down those stairs … where I would be lying, with kitties languidly walking over me. This terrible picture made me squelch that brainstorm. So I did what any Damsel in distress does. I phoned the non-emergency police and spoke with John. He provided me a number to call the administration office for the volunteer fire department, where I left a voicemail message for Ashley.

After an hour with no returned phone call to say if they would consider my dilemma, I called one more time. Five minutes later not one but three fine gentlemen wearing paramedic uniforms, stood outside my home ringing the doorbell. I took off the security alarm and they came in, went right upstairs and tweaked that Shrilly B**ch! By now this was how I was referring to the female voice that kept piping “low battery”. I thanked them, right after the alarm people called to make sure the alert was not anything serious. VIVINT you are always right on time! I also want to thank my two next door neighbors (who shall remain nameless (for their ideas and batteries), John, Ashley and those Three Knights in Paramedic Armor. And yes, finally to my alarm system and those pesky smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. I am very grateful indeed!


2 thoughts on “Fooled Me … But I’m Very Grateful!

  1. Well, remember what They say. “You can never be too rich, or too thin, or have too many male nonemergency paramedics in your living room!” 🙂

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