European Saga Continues

The phone chants its merry tune to alert me that Joe is calling me. Oh … wake-up! Sleepily I wonder if he is on the train or if he is already in Hanover, Germany. Joe says there’s a bit of a thing. I sit up, rubbing my eyes and yawning. What kind of thing I ask. Well the train was very crowded and he and Orville didn’t get off the train in order to catch their connecting train to Hanover. Great! The new ticket is 128 euros … each. They have between them 160 euros. I stumble over to the iMac and ask Apple a question. 128 euros = how many $ and the answer is … $166.80. What a difference. But they need twice that amount because they need two tickets. I figure out how much they need (all without benefit of coffee mind you) and deduct the 160 euros pocket change. I tell them okay you need XX$ and okay use XX bank card as there is enough in that account.

In the meantime … I frantically call the bank and speak with Jackie, who is so helpful. She could tell I wasn’t awake yet as I was in the middle of a huge yawn when she answered the line (sorry). Then I phone Joe on the cell so they can talk for a minute while I hold both phones together. I am a third-party at this juncture. I feel a bit left out. Joe says he’ll call me back and I continue to provide our bank with the data we should have given them prior to his overseas trip. She disclosed the Swiss Code: the Wire Code: and instruction so he can wire funds home while he is out of the country. Thanks Jackie!

Exploring the train map, it appears that once they arrived in Paris from Rennes (on the west coast) they must have taken the orange line from Paris. At the intersection of the orange and red lines, is where they all should have disembarked. Joe and Orville were forced to continue to Stuttgart and switch trains there. They are most likely on the blue line to Hanover. Looks like they are going round Robin’s barn to get there. Good thing they are best friends.

Joe calls back. Good thing we got a loaner global phone from Verizon so we could talk over these little details at 9:30 in the morning. He told me the lady train racketeer (ticket person) made him charge the entire amount of both tickets. She refused to take their cash and charge the difference. Why the hell not? There’ll be a fee on those tickets, just missing the amount by a nominal $15.00 pesky dollars. I asked him why he did not call me back, because he could have charged one ticket on that bank card and the other on another bank card. He said she insisted one card for both tickets and no cash. Really expensive trip and they only arrived Wednesday morning! And here I am with no way to get to the branch to make a deposit. No … I really don’t drive because I’m always too busy talking to you guys. But they’re on their way and I told him to make certain they exit the train in Hanover … even if they have to push people out-of-the-way! I need coffee and I really hope they get some rest before their performance tonight. It’ll be great!

*Note: I corrected the euros from 118 to 128 and the exchange rate, too. Sheesh!


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8 responses to “European Saga Continues

  • Melody J Haislip

    Good grief! Thank goodness I never encountered anything like this when I was traveling. They’ll never want to leave home again!

    • Theresa H Hall

      Well you’re so petite and never travelled with musical equipment. You usually stood right by the doors so when the train stopped you’d jump right off. I think they were too sleepy to realize they were dealing with daytime commuters. 🙂 You’re still little and cute.

  • timethief

    Good grief! What an adventure. I’m sure there will be lots of stories yet to be told.

  • Neil Killion

    Hi Theresa,
    Europe is like that. When we went to Positano we caught the the train to Salerno and got a local bus at 5 Euros each and 100 hairpin bends. When we met others they had gone to Naples and paid 160 Euros for a taxi and one poor sod had rented out a car and drove and said he was a complete nervous wreck at the end.

    • Theresa H Hall

      I can believe this because I saw the movie “Under The Tuscan Sun” and also the travel video by Rick Steves (love his shows!), on Positano. Those hairpin turns would make most travelers hold their breath. They guy that rented a car was brave indeed. I think they see American Tourists and think they can gouge them on prices. Unfortunate.

  • Alexandra Lindberg (@ropcorn)

    Yikes, an expensive train trip that ended up being. Hope the rest of the trip goes well.

    I must say that reading this post and seeing the European map here reminds me of when I was interrailing through Europe when I was 16, what an adventure that was. So many memories are made while traveling indeed, good and bad ones… Hehe.

    • Theresa H Hall

      Alexandra, they are on the last leg of the journey and missed their flight home! So now they are sitting at Paris Airport with Keith trying to work out the details.

      I bet traveling throughout Europe on the rails was a grand adventure!

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