Skyping With Joe

Joe hasn’t had much sleep. We just talked for over thirty minutes via Skype. They performed in Paris last night to a packed house, two shows and after press release, autograph signing and CD sales, they tumbled into their respective beds at the hotel. Up three hours later and took a taxi  bus to the train. Two of the band members were late and the driver got a call and then pulled over to the side of the city street and told them they needed to get out of the vehicle. What! He had to go to his next client. Shabby French businessman! Not only had they prepaid but they had a train to catch to Rennes, France!

They walked around lugging all of their equipment and suitcases, bags and computers for ten minutes or so, before they got another ride in a big taxi bus. $200.00 later, they just made their train, and in four hours they arrived at the next city. Rennes is west of Paris and near the Atlantic coast. Joe and the guys went to the club for sound check and checked into their rooms. He phoned me and then we Skyped.

He did get a couple of hours rest before it was time to return to the club to a sit down dinner prepared by the chef and then to perform to another packed house. Same after performance curriculum and back to shower, dress, pack up and stay awake in the hotel’s lobby until the driver appears to take them to the train. Back to Paris, another taxi bus ride to another train station and then on to Hannover, Germany. Sheesh! My baby’s tired! It was nice to chat three times on our Wedding Anniversary. Joe is a Prince among men!


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