Opinion Friday – “Mormon Mitt”? – Still A Big No!

“Just outside Washington, DC photograph of Mormon Temple at dusk, by Joe Ravi, taken 6, October, 2011”

I’ve just finished watching a recorded Current TV documentary, “The Mormon Candidate”. The reporter states that there’s talk of a ‘Mormon Moment’, but will his faith stop Mitt from becoming the next president? Here’s another way they have capitalized on his campaign: Alex Boyé  a musician from London, is shown performing with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir singing, “I Am A Mormon”. He stands out because he is black and there aren’t many people of color in this faith. In fact, until around 1978, black people were not considered good enough to become saints after death like whites do upon entering heaven. Seriously?

George Romney, Mitt’s father ran against Richard Nixon for the Republican ticket back in the 60s. It was a bruising issue that he lost the nomination. George’s own father had five wives and in recent years, Mormons have pulled away from marriages with multiple wives. As far as I am concerned I don’t care how many wives a man has so long as there is no abuse and their marriages are built on respect and love. To each … his or their own. There is an ongoing campaign to legalize polygamy, because those who practice polygamy want to be able to return to the Mormon church. Much like the HBO series, “Big Love”, Bill and his wives fought to legalize multiple marriage and to return to the bosom of their Mormon church. Apparently polygamy hinders the outward appearance of this domineering religion. The power of the church is weighty and the church vehemently denies being a cult.

Excommunicated or former members quietly tell bout secret handshakes, and one man even demonstrated a few motions. In particular, two mimicked, slitting motions: once across the throat and once across the bowels were to be made, while swearing a devotional oath for each motion. Both of these acts were abandoned around 1990.

A woman named Kay, a lawyer who after forty-five years left the church, says “It’s very cultish in its behavior and what it demands of its people. It doesn’t allow free thought and it makes them perform these legalistic … symbolic, very strange behaviors, and tells them that those are required of God for their salvation”. The reporter says he has heard about special undergarments, and the critics call them magic underpants which Mormons must wear once they are man and wife. When Kay married a Mormon she was given them on her wedding day. She recalls, that on the morning after her wedding night, “I awoke drenched in sweat, and found symbolic markings over the magic undergarments I was wearing”. The signs had been placed over her breasts and naval. She said “They resembled pagan signs, masonic markings and had nothing whatsoever to do with God or religion”. She was to wear these church-endorsed undergarments every day, beneath her outer clothing.

People are concerned that this Republican candidate will feel more concern for those oaths he pledged behind the church’s closed doors, than for the welfare of these United States and her citizens. I certainly have concerns. Not because Mitt Romney was brought up in a polygamist family, or because he lived for many years in Mexico, but rather that he was indoctrinated into this religion from the cradle. According to a woman who knows, Mitt doesn’t deviate from the doctrines of the Mormon faith. She tells of his coming to her and demanding that she turn over her out-of-wedlock son to the church, because it was a sin to have sex or a child out of wedlock. He actually threatened this single mother with excommunication. Still she refused to turn her child over to him. When the child became very ill, she called the church, asking for her bishop, who ironically happened to be Mitt Romney, to come and give them a blessing. She said he sent two strangers instead. Shortly thereafter, she left the Mormon faith and now her twenty-seven-year-old son and she are together, thriving and happy. She said they were so much in-sync with each other that it would have been a sin to have allowed the Morman church to have separated them.

The church follows you around. They closely record your actions and those of your family and friends. If they believe you have become too famous they are suspicious of you. A man who left the church and later returned, stated they handed him a file two inches thick with personal data, letters and private communications. He said he felt totally violated. Ex members of the church are hassled, subtly ostracized and their lives made uncomfortable. Leave the church and your job or livelihood might be at risk. According to the ones interviewed they said they all felt the sting after leaving, because it’s a church that spies and a church that shuns.

The interviewer talks to a former member of the aristocracy, a second cousin of Mitt’s. Park Romney, who also bears a strong resemblance to the candidate. He claims he left the church because he found compelling evidence that it is a fraud, and that the church deceives their members and renders them exploitable. These masters of mendacity brainwash their members. They are wealthy and get the best people to protect and represent them. He sadly tells that he is alienated from his family. His family was ordered to dissociate from the apostate. He states that he is still being followed.

Reportedly in the past, Mitt Romney did make over $250M with his company, Bain and after months of being asked for his tax returns today it’s reported, he did finally turn over his 2011. By the way, he turned over twelve years of returns to John McCain back when he believed he might be his running mate.

People feel Mitt Romney has no real connection with everyday Americans. The proof might be in the pudding. Witness the exorbitant contributions of billionaires and millionaires.

I feel reporter John Sweeney conducted a non-biased investigation. Check it out for yourself.


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6 responses to “Opinion Friday – “Mormon Mitt”? – Still A Big No!

  • glamrock4ever

    Everything that I have read about Mormons and Mormonism has creeped me out. Thanks for bringing this back front and center, because it IS a part of the campaign, no?

  • Melody J Haislip

    Theresa, what an Excellent article. Just when you think you know All about Willard Romney, some more #$% floats to the top. Imagine having your bishop try to take your child away!!! Keep the facts coming. Really well-written and fascinating!

  • Theresa H Hall

    Haven’t seen you in a little while. Welcome back! Thanks for the compliment. My Bishop would never ask this of any mother. I was surprised by this eventuality and I am glad she stood her ground. I found it strange that a church would approve of spying or following former members. How sad to keep any family members apart. Jesus would never have approved of this.

  • AJ Wright

    Ugh…. if you believed everything in this video you are a idiot it was rittled with bad information, completely biased and avoided anything positive about the Church. The LDS Church was ran through the gutter and the whole video was a attack on Romney. Check your facts before writing ignorant shit. Oh and by the way the actions of church members do not always coincide with the teachings of the Church, which is why there are angry anti-mormons eagerly willing to film an interview with anybody holding a microphone.

  • Theresa H Hall

    AJ Wright,

    Thank you for your colorful comment.

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