Friday Night Painting Thoughtfulness

Time to take out my paints that have waited by patiently now for a few months. Pizza sounds like a good idea because I am craving a slice right now.

I like talking to the man who answers the phone at my new favorite pizza place, since we recently relocated. He and I have a thing. I tell him what I like, how I like it and then I ask about his day and if the business is doing well and about his family. Some might consider me as being a little bit of a flirt but I deny this and label it caring. It’s the tiny and small gestures of friendship extended that matter most, to those who make sure to get our orders correct, and pay special attention to details for patrons who are thoughtful, polite and thank them being there.

I can easily tell that he is from another country, but I have not figured out either by his name or his accent which exact area he is from originally. I simply pass along goodness and he seems very happy to hear from me, too. I doubt many people take any time to discuss the weather or any niceties at all. They most likely bark their delivery orders and hang up the phone. I treat him the way I would want to be treated and this is with respect, that I add value to the community and feel proud of where I work … even if it is just a pizza shop. I’m ordering pizza for everyone!


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4 responses to “Friday Night Painting Thoughtfulness

  • mulledvine

    You can buy pizza like that? I am so jealous. Here we get places like Pizza GoGo. Ugh.

    • Theresa H Hall

      You can make pizza like this in hardly anytime. Use the best and freshest ingredients. Follow a good recipe for dough, sauce and really good provolone and mozzarella cheeses, fresh basil, garlic. Very Hot oven with the pizza stone preheated. Be careful. then the world is yours. Give it a try. This is hand made pizza not the one I bought last night.

  • Words Of Deliciousness

    I would take a piece of that pizza looks wonderful. I think it is great the way that you are so kind to people and that you treat them the way that you would want to be treated. That doesn’t happen too often any more.

    • Theresa H Hall

      Words of Deliciousness:

      It is something I was taught by my parents, the nuns and teachers; in the children’s books I read and then I practiced what I learned. The evidence of Saints who lived their dedicated lives and were prime examples and role models for us. I do my best to follow their examples and in turn, I work at being a good example everyday, in my writings and in my cyber-interactions.

      The message: ‘Love Thy Neighbor’ is a pretty tricky order. Childishly I used to think, “That’s easy to do”. As a teenager and as an adult, so many people make it a gigantic challenge. ‘The Golden Rule’ is easy to discard. We should encourage ourselves be actively conscience of what we are saying, the way we are behaving and acting toward others. Our body language and the tone of our voices is so important.

      I need coffee. 🙂 Thank you so much for visiting. Cheers!

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