What Am I?

The every day hum-drum days, I don’t want to get out of bed days, the what’s the point of it days, can easily be circumvented when you realize you are what you think. Easy as pie. Listen up. Take a sheet of paper and a pen (no, don’t use the computer keyboard … this is personal), sit down somewhere comfy and head the list with this question: What Am I? Beneath this write I Am … (fill in the blank) now start thinking, but without reserve. Soon it will  be obvious that you had forgotten about all of those great qualities inside.

Remember things like: I am a good listener, I am a worthy person, I am always ready for adventure. You get the idea. Fill up the page and grab another sheet if you need it. Write down all of the good things that you are. Tuck this into a safe place and whenever you have one of those days mentioned earlier, remind yourself just how special you really are. It’s easy to forget but I’ll keep reminding you.

After you read your list aloud, think about the goodness that is unique to your personality. You have a job to do and it’s better to be prepared. We are all here on Earth to do something good. Spreading Love is uppermost. Happy day to one and all!


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