Share Your Light

“Envision the light within … photograph by Wonderlane”

To be read at a pondering rate ...


Share your light

Every chance

You get

You ask me how

And I answer

By becoming quiet

Allowing the glow

To increase from

Within your center


We get so wrapped up

In the physical world

It becomes easy

To forget

From whence

We came

Draw in deep breath

Let go of

any darkness

Inside your exhale


Picture yourself

As you are

Envision radiant light

In place of

Physical form

For this is how

You truly are

Energizing light beaming

From deep within


Our life force

Is powerful

And loving

When we forget

And do not share

This light grows weak

Leaving us to


In our physical body


Prepare your being

By allowing your light

To shine forth

Come to terms

About your heritage

Which is of spirit

Radiant light

Feel your truth

Share your light


written by Theresa H Hall

@ 12 Noon August 28, 2012


3 thoughts on “Share Your Light

    • Marty, Blessings to you and yours. I try every day to channel the Universal Mind. My efforts do not always work, but I stay vigilant with the hope I will give my best to the world. 😀

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