Help End Horse Slaughter Now!

“Photograph: Pretty Horse by Cindy Cornett Seigle, 3rd April 2006. Horses are intelligent, beautiful animals, not meant for slaughter or consumption.”

Call your local Senators and insist they support and get Congress to pass the American Horse Slaughter Prevention Act (S. 1176/A.R.2966) that will prohibit horse slaughter from returning to the U.S. and end the export of American horses for slaughter.

Get everyone to watch this video no matter how disgustingly painful to your sensibilities, or how outraged you will feel. (It is graphic … but you won’t really understand if you do not watch). I emphatically implore that we come together and get this bill passed into law. It’s vital we stay abreast of those put in charge of making sure the law is enforced, by stopping the criminal actions of any person or persons with the threat of a speedy trial and swift punishment. Slapping their wrists and ordering these offenders to pay a fine doesn’t stop them. They defend what they are doing without concern because they are out to make a profit. But at what cost?

These beautiful creatures have no voice other than those of a few organizations that go the distance and fight for their animal rights. Being a lover of animals, I forced myself to watch this seven minute video, because how can I care about their plight without seeing first-hand their ghoulish, terrifying nightmares. How anyone claiming to have a heart could ever allow such disgusting inhumane treatment is beyond me. I expect this bee in my bonnet will keep my mind attuned and focused in helping bring down these fascist brutes, male or female … they are heartless individuals who approve these deplorable actions.

If you love horses, have ever ridden one, had a horse as a pet, owned one, trained one or ever bet on one, then you must be strong and watch this short video and decide to do something. I actually watched it, with my hand-held against my mouth to keep myself from screaming. My outrage is seething just under my skin, for I will never forget what I saw! 

“Animals’ Angels Tote Bag”

It only takes a few minutes and a small donation to help fund the Animals’ Angels Investigations. With our support, they can keep reporting their findings in order to make it illegal once and for all. Lend your voice for those who have none. Help End Horse Slaughter Now! Visit Animals’ Angels look around, leave a comment and please … tell them I sent you. Learn how you can help horses and other animals, that find themselves in hopeless conditions. The ‘Oh My God’ heartbreaking moment I experienced will remain with me forever. You could purchase an item or two and lend your support this way, too! For all you readers there are tote bags and you coffee lovers there are mugs, and food lovers and cooks a cool apron!


8 thoughts on “Help End Horse Slaughter Now!

  1. this is more than terrifying.. the things we do to our animals in this country are inexcusable.. and i fear their treatment in other countries is even worse.. and all in the name of money.. thank you for sharing this theresa,, more people need to know and help..

    • Jodi, You’ve known me a long time and comprehend what this has done to my head. I cannot say all of the things that come to mind. But I can and do bless this whole plight and ask the Angels to intercede!

  2. Thersea, My son runs Patinack Farm, which manages and trains over 100 racehorses. During my visits I have come to love these animals, Their senseless slaughter is appalling. In Australia we have a Horse Rescue organisation as well and we have contributed to that.

    • Neil, Thank you for being brave and watching the video. I appreciate you have pointed 250 of your blogging friends to this article and agree that we need to support the rescue groups and Animals’ Angels in their selfless work. We cannot thank them enough for their steadfastness and the lengths they go to gather this horrendous data, so the people of the world will stand up and fight for these animals.

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