Out Of Focus

Sorry the camera was too close for this little cake. I was in such a hurry to cut it I didn’t take a picture of it after I sliced it. It was a petite, moist white cake, with raspberry and lemon mousse in-between the layers. It had been iced with whipped cream, then topped with a garnish of three fresh raspberries and minute shavings of very good white chocolate. It was so tasty that we each had another little slice. Then it was all gone.

After waking up before the sun rose this morning, I felt the self-induced sugar state of my dreams fade away. I’d enjoyed a fabulous birthday the day before and decided to turn on the computer. I picked up and put on the glasses lying on the top of the desk and while trying to read a long email from a fellow BC member, I just could not see properly. I thought there was some film over my eyes, so I gently rubbed them. Ladies some of you know this feeling, when after you clean your makeup from your face, the cold cream can sometimes get into your eyes. This did not prove to be the case. I rubbed at my eyes again and had to move an envelope I picked up, back-and-forth, trying to focus. Sheesh!

I have a new desk I purchased in April. It is only half the size of my last one and with this in mind, I will not be able to have piles of papers on it. For some reason I remind myself of Albert Einstein when I work. Papers and sticky notes everywhere. Well Joe finally put it together for me a couple of days ago and I have been enjoying it plus am getting used to having my keyboard lower than before. It has resulted in a number of mishaps and misspellings. Emails sent before their time and so-forth. In the front, it has a hidden drawer where you can place your keyboard and mouse. I pulled on the handle sliding the compartment out in order to reach for the mouse. I place my hand upon a familiar object just to the left of the mouse. My glasses! That’s right. My glasses. Well then, which glasses did I have perched on my face? Joe’s glasses. And they were his distance ones, too! The joke was on me, but I was too relived that I wasn’t going to have to return to the eye doctor. It’s so easy to keep myself amused.

At breakfast we ate almond croissants (not as good as the ones we made in culinary school), sliced peaches and coffee. We enjoyed this in place of the usual eggs. The peaches did have a sweet scent and while not like the juicy peaches from my childhood, they did have more flavor than we usually get nowadays. I’m going to make a peach tart since they are at a nice stage of their little lives. Um.

Note: The little Leo the lion, was given to me by my late Mother on the occasion of my birthday 1990. Thanks Mom!


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