We Now Stream Netflix

We used to pay $9.99 per month for this service. Many times the DVDs lay around on the console before we ever got around to watching them, or countless times we sent them back unwatched, because we had already seen the movie or series on the television. But still, it was better than going to the video chain store and mulling about, going up and down the aisles. I was glad to shop this way before there was the idea of Netflix, but everyone progresses.

My sister told me for the past two years, that she had been streaming live feed from her computer to her television. Her TV screen is her computer monitor. This sounded too difficult for me to understand to try to do this on my own. I remember I am not on my own … in steps Joe, hero of the day. This May, we got our first flat-screen TV, we also decided to get a blue-ray player. I still don’t know why, but never mind. when Joe turned it on, the display showed up and I noticed some icons on it. Netflix was one and the others I didn’t recognize. What is Pandora … do you know? Next I contacted Netflix and upgraded our account to streaming DVDs. No more waiting for the postal carrier. Guess what. It’s only $7.99 a month!

Many of my readers already know that I am a great lover of the UK, BBC detective and comedy programs that are broadcast on PBS and BBC. After negotiating the tiny arrows (I admit to a few mishaps and had to begin all over again, repeating my email and password). Finally we were signed in.  We searched the titles offered within the categories, and as we scrolled through them, I felt as if we’d had been given a treasure trove. A few minutes later, we found “Luther”.

We truly fell down the rabbit hole last Saturday afternoon. Joe and I watched all ten episodes of “Luther”, one right after the other! It was three in the morning Sunday before we were done. Joe did fall asleep a quarter of the way through the last one, but next morning, while enjoying our Sunday brunch, consisting of, crispy fried bacon, cheddar and spinach omelets, hazelnut coffee, strawberries w/balsamic dressing, we watched the tenth show in the series. We celebrated with a cup of butter pecan ice cream topped with a small drizzle of chocolate sauce.

We researched the lead actor whose name is so different. It is Idris Elba, which was actually shortened from, Idrissa Akuna. His name means “Immortal”. We read on to discover that this first-rate actor has been on the television about two decades. He recently played the role of the captain of the ship in the movie, “Prometheus”. We saw the movie a month ago, and he didn’t use his British accent. He was in other shows I have viewed and I still had no idea I had seen him prior to this series. Wow. I’ll never forget him now that’s for certain.

“Luther”. It is a psychological crime drama that will keep your eyes glued to the screen to find out where DCI John Luther will take his audience next. We highly recommended “Luther”, and BBC America is going to co-produce the third season. The first two seasons won numerous awards and the writers, directors and producers promise the new season is impeccably written, directed and acted. We can’t wait!

* photograph of dvd courtesy of BBC


3 thoughts on “We Now Stream Netflix

    • Hello David,

      We have been using Netflix for almost five years. The streaming is new to us and I like the series we can catch up on, especially if it was one we could not record while we were busy recording another series. Between the Internet, Netflix, the DVDs we have purchased, cable, regular tv and the movies I have to say, I am thankful such diversity. I agree about the degrees of content and hope they will continue to add more movies and programs, so we might enjoy even more.

  1. I haven’t used cable television in four years due to Netflix. At best I’ll pick up maybe an hour or two of local broadcast PBS every other week if there’s a really good documentary. Much better being able to watch when/where I want to as opposed to being programmed by networks.

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