Colors And Moods

It seems to me we have definite connections to colors, hues, textures and shapes. This is one of the reasons I change my templates and widgets so often on this site. Normally I can be satisfied with one look for a number of days, whereas other days I switch them up two to six times. It all depends on my mood. Moods are contrary to our basic personalities and whenever you are having an ill-tempered or happy day, try changing the colors around you. Rearrange the items in your home or on your work station. Sometimes it is as easy as choosing a different display for your desktop.

Change is always happening around us. It’s up to us to take control of our immediate area. Wearing certain colors during the phases of the moon have long been known to enhance our feelings. In fact, I once had one of those yearly horoscopes books, that explained the logic of the moon’s contributions while moving through each sign of the zodiac. It maintained that certain colors correlated to that particular sign’s traits. After experimenting a number of times, I found when I took their advice it worked. I plan on searching both bookstores and drugstores, to see if it’s still being published. They seemed to be most popular at end of summer, just prior to the new school year. If I find it I’ll be sure to report back. Recall that the moon controls the tides and we are 98% water. It wouldn’t take much to influence us, too.

As an artist looking at this photograph, I see these paints and something within me (somewhere in the region of my solar plexus, located behind the stomach, or gut), a yearning, if you will, that makes me want to handle them, smell the pungent oils and mineral spirits. It urges me to grab a rag or brush and blend. Why is that … I wonder? My husband experiences similar feelings when he sees studio equipment and Formula 1 races. Come to think on it, I also get this irresistible feeling for kitchen equipment, ingredients, and blank paper. Funny this!


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2 responses to “Colors And Moods

  • Melody J Haislip

    Try for that book. There’s also Powell’s Bookstore in Portland, and they ship. If those don’t work, there are a number of other online resources for older and possibly out-of-print books.

    I know what you mean about colors and moods and how they can affect you, and as for the moon, if it can affect Earth’s tides from that far away, it’s no surprise that it could affect our own small tides! Interesting thoughts for pondering.

    • Theresa H Hall

      Thank you. I shall try them to see if there are current horoscope books, providing a year’s worth of daily readings and the moon chart, with explanation. The moon she is powerful and she really moves me! 😀

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