Last Century Crafty

In April, while we were moving my sister and her husband, I made a discovery while putting away my sister’s dry goods. Kraft, a company famous for selling Macaroni & Cheese, used to produce dried pasta in the shape of teddy bears. I never knew. They also offered treasures with two proofs of purchase.

Being a lifetime lover of pasta, the kid inside me reared its head and immediately wanted to cook the box of Kraft Mac & Cheese … one of my guilty pleasures, when I noticed something very strange. Not only was it disturbing but it was potentially dangerous. Dangerous as in very likely to cause food poisoning. Just look at the side of the box! Yes, it was purchased between 1993 and 1994! Now this was keeping things long after their time was up.

I teased her about this while  figuring out she was holding onto them because they reminded her of when her daughter was young and they were together. Childhood mementos. Keepsakes.

As we were leaving to return home, I reminded her to check her pantry once a month. Talk about old and crafty.


3 thoughts on “Last Century Crafty

  1. Now, Theresa, I’m sure she had a very good reason for that 18-year-old box of pasta. She was probably keeping it for an art project. Perhaps she had it in mind to make a macaroni necklace. They’re all the rage. I do sort of wonder, though, what would happen if someone ate it. Oh, well, hopefully we’ll never know that!

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