Andy Rooney DNA

My favorite journalist, essayist, TV personality, was an author who passed away this year. Andy Rooney of “60 Minutes” gave us his best every Sunday night during his five-minute segments. I waited for the rest of the news broadcasts to be done, because I looked forward all week long, just to hear Mr. Rooney’s dry wit and watch his weathered face. I loved this man! He had a winning way that appealed to so many who listened and watched. He was opinionated, brave, even sometimes a bit cranky. But he was entertaining while getting his point across. Almost always I’d agree with his views. I watched enthralled as he delivered his remarks and demonstrated his comparisons by presentation. His take on matters, his observations, were done in a way to make me (and a lot of other viewers, I’ll bet) to want to spend time with him, have a drink, eat dinner, pick his brain. He was savvy and smart. He’d seen all through the decades of his writing, how the times changed, and in many ways they ironically repeated themselves.

For a long time, I wanted to be his editorial partner. Today and in future, I want to echo his personality and be a little cranky myself. One day, I would love to do what he did at “60 Minutes”, because I love communicating, looking for the best, pointing out what needs to be fixed, plus … I have a mind of my own. I must share Andy Rooney DNA.

I really miss you Andy Rooney (thank goodness we have your videos), and the special way you could complain about something and always get away with it. Ha!


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