Wake Up Sleepyhead!

I wasn’t quite awake yet this morning, when I had the idea of taking a self-photo. I snapped one picture the way others see me, and another one the way I see myself. I discovered I have two distinct sides to my big head. Bless my heart! It seems as though I could return to the dream I was having before suddenly being jerked awake. My hair is a la naturale, which is sexy for gray. It’s blended dark and light brown with a lot of silvery gray. I did purchase a box of hair dye, but I fear were I to color my tresses on my own, the results would look too dark, too harsh. So, here I am once again undecided. Sitting on the fence. My moon sign (inner emotions) is in the sign of Libra. Honestly, I do tend to weigh-out pros and cons. Should I, or shouldn’t I? My hair is long, but no longer is it as thick as when I was in my twenties. I talk courageously about getting it cut it in a short, sassy style. But whom to trust to cut with precision? And then I wonder what would I do without my scrunchies? This must be a sign that I’m growing up. Might I consider trying blonde? That could look wild because I definitely would spike it with a glob of styling mud. 

The thing is … we all age But in our hearts and minds, we’re still the crazy teenagers we were after graduation, just by now we have gotten to experience life. The day-to-day living with ups and downs, joys and sorrows, triumphs and defeats … they all take their toll. I didn’t think too much about being mature when I was young. Cool, yes, but not so much about that far-off future. I was living life and partying. Now, I could be dwelling upon it too much. As of today, I no longer care about trying to avoid it. There’s still so much left to talk about and create that perhaps by my waking up, shrugging my shoulders, even thumbing my nose a little, these actions will allow me to simply accept the future, gray hairs and all. I refuse to  apologize to myself for getting older. The only other option to living is, as Tony Soprano suggests … the dirt nap. Ooh, no worries. I bring value and like most things I do, they will be done with grace.

Think about it folks, we all are born and after that first day, we age. It happens to everyone who keeps living. The only promise we have from birth is that we, too, shall perish. But … will we really? What if this life really is a big step into a new place or dimension to experience? I earnestly hope so! To look at life this way might give us pause, but it also gives us hope, to boldly present our attributes and dreams and use those gifts that we have and to share them with the world. Uppermost in our minds should be that using our talents should be paramount. We are here to add to not subtract from life”, says my husband, Joe.

I wish you wonderful tomorrows and if you are afraid of something … just go and do it, then get over it. I’m headed in that direction myself and you know, we’re going to learn valuable lessons along the way. Step out of your comfort zone. It’s liberating.

Here’s what I cooked for breakfast with one eye on what I was cooking and the other on my cat who wanted to assist. Being good, I reluctantly removed most of the yolk because of the cholesterol. “Arrrrr!” I love the entire egg. I want to share this funny bit about how to talk like a pirate.

(Andy Rooney I miss you!)


2 thoughts on “Wake Up Sleepyhead!

  1. Theresa, you threw out the Best part of the egg! Aaargh! (That’s the pirate in me agreeing with me.) Snaps to you for your brave photo. However, the day you see me do something as brave won’t dawn until oh, say, the next Millennium! It’s makeup and hairdo all the way for moi!

  2. You can purchase one from The National Geographic Society. It is the political map of the world. We got the one we have now about ten years ago. We are going to put it on the wall of the walk-in closet beneath the staircase. this way i can go into the closet anytime I need to check something out. They aren’t expensive at all and have literally brought us years of pleasure. Once a week I will allow myself the whole egg and I saveur every bite.

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