Americas The Beautiful

There is a current political ad that has been playing for the past week or so. Approved by the Obama campaign, his 2012 opponent can be heard rendering his a cappella version of “America the Beautiful”. I plead (very sweetly of course) for Mr. Obama to stop torturing my ears with Mitt Romney’s out-of-key singing. Please use another ad.

The map of this part of the world is one that always leaves me feeling perplexed. Believe it or not, my knowledge of geography relies on my looking at a map, in order to remember where everything is. In first grade there was a globe in the classroom. We were allowed to explore while Sister watched, making sure we didn’t harm it. She showed us where we lived and the way it seemed (to me at least), was that South America was directly below North America. How could I have gotten this so wrong? Their West Coast practically matches up with our East Coast. Amazing.

And I clearly remember the day in sixth grade when I was thrilled to realize that the continents looked like broken displaced jig-saw pieces. Could the world really be that old? The facts I had been learning … well, some of them were not matching up. Opposing teachings and theories still make me feel the tug of common sense vs. logical reasoning. Since I’m practical in my deliberating, I decided to believe both. As I stand atop Mother Earth, spinning into the outer space to who knows where, I believe with the faith of that famous mustard seed. I shrug my shoulders and think, “Why not have it all!”

Can anyone tell me why the song isn’t plural?


4 thoughts on “Americas The Beautiful

  1. Theresa, I highly recommend the episode of “The West Wing” where a group brings in a map of the world the way it Really looks and tries to talk C.J. into changing up. Of course it didn’t happen, but it was great TV. btw, I was just remarking to Matthew the other day that I wish we had a map of the world like the one you used to have. Although, the way the map keeps changing, that one is probably woefully out of date now. Don’t feel like you’re alone, I keep having to look up maps to remind myself where countries are!

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