Beat Monday Blues With Dobie Gillis

Do you remember the television series, (pronounced with a long O) “Dobie Gillis”? The show ran from 1959 until 1963. Dobie was a young guy sharing daily challenges with his audience the dilemma of growing up,  dealing with girls, and predicaments he’d find himself in. Throughout the series, there was a lot of eluding to then current-day  Beatnik Scene, depicting kids of that era, who sometimes dressed  in tight black clothes, sported a small beret and were seen snapping their fingers. Characters like Maynard who was Dobie’s best mate, saying things such as,”Cool … Daddy-O … Big Daddy”, going on. He went on to star in “Gilligan’s Island”.

And then there was Zelda, she repeatedly tried to capture Dobie’s affection. Dobie always had girls interested in him and the way the cast delivered their lines was impeccable. Howard, a slow-talker almost lumbering along in his thinking, sometimes stole the show. Anyway, here is a link for a seldom seen pilot about the show “The Many Loves Of Dobie Gillis”, which was the original title. I found it was very entertaining and a sure way to kick Monday Blues into next week. I bet you’ll enjoy it, too!

For a little more information about the basis of the show with regard to books and movies. Here is another link which gives a nice legend of the show’s history.


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