Do You Deny Yourself?

I can only speak for myself with regard to this question. Back in the 1980s I was offered two different recording contracts from a major recording company. After reading they way they would practically own me, and have the final say-so in almost everything I would be doing, I politely declined. It left me disappointed but my chagrin wasn’t in vain. I few years later, I found that other artists had signed similar documents, and sad to say, some of their projects were shelved for years on end, before they got to release their work. This meant they could not perform under their own name. Weird! As much as I used to be outgoing, opinionated, exuberant and attention-getting, there was a completely reserved or “cool” side to my fiery nature. I was outgoing, some said I was sexy, but I was always lady-like. Plainly put, it was just for show and I was a no-touch, the girl next door (don’t get into my space) young woman. Being generous and sometimes a little ‘flirty’, I loved to laugh and celebrate most any occasion. So there you have it … I let my time in the limelight pass me by, because I chose marriage and home over the stage. I got to live doing what I loved for almost two decades. And sure, I miss it, but I kept my privacy, integrity and stayed in control of my destiny.

So my question today is: Do you deny yourself of your true calling in life? If so … why? Do you ever regret your decisions? Is it ever too late to step back into a situation and proceed, or will this chance never come again? Silly for me to think about this but I do wonder if anyone else ever denies themselves opportunities in life.


2 thoughts on “Do You Deny Yourself?

  1. Sometimes I think of all the decisions I’ve made down through the years that have led me to where I am now, and I can’t think of much I’d change. There were occasions when I could have been smarter, or kinder, but I can’t help feeling that anything I’ve denied myself along the way has been more than repaid.

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