I’ve Decided It’s Time

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Good morning to one and all. I have decided it is time to complete organizing and the unpacking because my new art tilt-top table is beckoning me to get out my pencils, pens, markers and sturdy watercolor paper and create some new work. I have also been sketching with charcoal in my mind’s eye, and itching to learn how to become a good potter. I found classes nearby our new artsy city and want to encourage Joe to take at least one class with me. I believe his capable hands would work wonders with the clay. I have always felt the sculptures hidden within my artist’s heart and someday I will do more of that. I did make a clay cat in 1988, based on a stone cat I purchased from Garfinckel’s (a posh and out-of-business store). I’ll show you some snaps I took in April, when I saw it at my sister’s new place.

Note: This is my first and only attempt at this type of art. There’s a lot of rough spots. 


2 thoughts on “I’ve Decided It’s Time

    • Yes … but unlike when we gave each other that dainty bite of wedding cake, I would smash the wet clay all over him and laugh and laugh and laugh. He put the paint brush into my hair when we were painting the kitchen, years ago. I need to repay him with wet clay. Ha! 🙂

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