HooRay Patience Has A Forever Home!

Patience is the name I blessed this young mother with because she had to have patience in waiting to be fed and given water, everyday. She lived in our small condo community and when she got pregnant the second time, four of the residence decided to do something about it. I did try to capture her just before she delivered her second litter. No luck. After the kittens were born, we all watched her come and go and finally, Joe and I set out traps in order to get all of them off the street. We waited out in the frigid weather for hours and hours. Two of the kittens did not make it (very sad) but two of them did and are now with their forever families!

Our neighbor and her husband and two-year old daughter fell in love with this little lady (just as we did) and last week Patience was taken to the vet to get cleaned up. She loved rolling around in the dirt and leaves. She would bound over to us and follow us everywhere. She was playful and soon allowed us to pet her and once she knew we did not want anything from her, she warmed up and even allowed me to pick her up. Love will do that. She has adjusted beautifully, has two older kitties, a brother and a sister, plus that adorable little toddler to play with and watch over. Patience is a real mother and I know she will look out for the baby girl as she grows up. She has been blessed with a loving and generous family and we are so pleased for them all!

On Another Note: Do not leave pets if things get tough. Call rescue centers and place ads to adopt your pet at vet’s offices and watch that they don’t get put down because you left the matter too late. There is always someone out there to give a good home to an animal. And for those of you who do get pets for your home or children, please make certain everyone in the home is respectful and loving with the animal. Neglect is a sad thing. Show love and get love. It’s as simple as this. 


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