I Miss Dressing Up

"Theresa Anne Haislip fourth grade"

There was a time in my life when I did not have much of a wardrobe. I remember (being the baby girl of four children and with one son and I, the last in line of three daughters to working parents), that we would pass-down clothing from relatives to the eldest sister. Then they would go to my middle sister and finally, I got to wear them as well. By fourth grade I was the proud possessor of four new dresses. One red with a red and white-collar. One blue with a white-collar. One madras (mostly red, blue and green with a white-collar … do we see a theme here?). The last was a solid one in the hue of a dull mustard. Whenever I wore the last one my teacher would ask me if I felt well. I didn’t catch on until later in life when my sisters and mother were researching the latest copy of Carol Jackson’s “Color Me Beautiful” book swatches and color charts. Apparently I am a winter. It was great fun and I know the results actually do work to enhance the wearer to stand out in any of their colors, verses an outfit overpowering one’s complexion. Wear your colors and rule the day.

Back when I was performing I would only purchase outfits that were on my color chart and sure enough, I would feel good no matter which frock I donned. I used to change between almost every set and for the floor shows some of the groups I worked with. It was show time and having grown up wearing school uniforms or a few new items or hand-me-downs, I ran with the costume changes. I was after all a young girl playing dress-up.

Over the past few decades all of the clothing and styles (for most of us) have relaxed to the point that there is not much difference between our bedtime lounge clothes and our daytime lounge wear. Somewhere along the way we stopped dressing up the way we used to. Even as a little girl we wore dresses to play outside. And by  the time fourth grade came around (the year of the four dresses), we could wear slacks outside and of course, shorts in the summertime.

Last night as I watched Dancing With The Stars, the Macy’s Dancers performed wearing a 1960s style suit and sporting Frank Sinatra styled hats, I thought how exciting they looked. Their dance routine was outstanding, excellent … marvelous and it brought to mind that we do look better dressed up. It is one of the reasons the show is so popular … everyone is dressed to the nines.

I love my comfy clothes and jeans and T-shirts, but this fall I am going to go shopping and start dressing up. It’ll be fun.


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