Not … Painting By Number

A New painting I did last night while watching and listening to PBS Masterpiece Theatre. Downton Abbey was on and it’s almost the end of the second season. It’s marvelous … I cannot seem to get enough. I watched it twice (as they air it two times [Sunday at 9PM and midnight Monday]), and since I record the series, I’ll watch it again (or listen), while I write. The writer and director keep me on tenterhooks or the edge of my seat. The styling, costumes, era, scenery, and behind-the-scenes look is exactly what I love about it. The character development is outstanding! Growing romances, schooled features, restraint in polite society … they did things ever so much slower in those days … only adds to the allure.

If you have not seen this brilliant portrayal of early twentieth century history then I highly recommend you buying both Seasons I & II. They can be purchased through the PBS stations and at the same time, you are making a donation to help keep these great venues available for generations to come. It’s what I’m planning to do so I can have this series in my home collection.

Here is the link for Downton Abbey.


2 thoughts on “Not … Painting By Number

  1. Theresa, I love what you’re doing with color. Your painting looks amazing! I’m so glad you’ve taken up your palette and brush again.

    P.S. “Downton Abbey” is also available on Netflix.

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