Old Photographs And The Amazing Journey

It’s seductive. That box of photographs you’ve been meaning to sort through for the last decade and put into order, get them scanned. You only need to pick up one for the journey down memory lane to go full throttle. We (I say we), Joe figured out the scanner and we have begun the slow and painstaking process of scanning these gems to our little notebook (it’s not iMac), and then I email them to myself and I go from there. The magic is in the rush of intoxicating memories that flood and drown out any other thought for the next hour or so. Be prepared because sometimes they can trigger sadness as well as gladness.


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4 responses to “Old Photographs And The Amazing Journey

  • Hank Plumley (@PhotosbyHank)

    Ahh I know just what you mean! Am going through the entire house to prepare for a move to Vegas and I have found so many old photos. Some are nearing or over 100 years old!

    I cheat big time though with them, I actually photograph them then put them in the computer.

    People in the photos I will never know, but so many are my late relatives. Feel bad I am looking at someone and have no idea who they are. Wish my Grandma or Great-Grandma would’ve written on the back. The family tree lost a limb 😦

  • Theresa H Hall


    I’m positively thrilled for you because you’re always out there or it seems as if you are. Go where your passion takes you. I, too, have taken photographs of photos but the scanner is concise. Besides you have professional camera equipment, whilst I have a digital one (2004) that needs to be replaced.

    Tell you what … visit Ancestry (dot) com and type in your name and start from there. You might be surprised by what you’ll find out. Some of my ancestors were noble and I hadn’t a clue. I went searching for my Irish relatives and found hundreds of European and British ties; and here I was thinking I had come from a small family. I traced back to 990 A.D. Wow. I have connected with a few kissing cousins since my ongoing search began.

    The show “Who Do You Think You Are” returns to NBC tonight 8PM (i believe). I love the show. Check it out.

    The point is I saw lots of photos of family and tombstones and places and census records showing what they were doing the year they filled out thee forms. It is overwhelming. Someone you connect with just might know who the person in the photo is.

    Tell me more about your move. When we downsized from 4,800 square feet to 1,500 square feet, we had to get rid of tons of stuff. We threw away, sold, donated (mostly) and sorted through months prior to our move. We are going through more things we were unsure of before the move three years ago, and we will be selling on eBay and Craigslist, as well as making more donations. You feel better once the job is done. Besides out with the old and in with the new. Funny how so many old sayings are appropriate in modern times.


  • Melody J Haislip

    Also, Nature abhors a vacuum. Get rid of the old and make way for the new! Love the pix, Theresa. You look as glam as those beautiful actors from the old days in Hollywood!

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