Tonight I Whacked-Off …

"Try snipping your own hair sometimes."

I took the scissors and began snipping the golden brown ends of my hair. Since I never made it back to the hair salon, for them to color it, and I had not colored my tresses, I decided to take the problem in hand. I cut off six inches before the shower and shampoo, and then another two inches after I had combed it wet and pulled it to-and-fro.

Joe said I did a good job and it feels better. Very soon now my hair will be color-free. Meaning it will be my natural color without any chemicals. I am trying to decide if I will keep my shades or try a fresh one. Either way this decision was a healthy one and it still falls below my shoulders. It feels lighter and more carefree. Go ahead and whack-off some of your hair. It’s grand.


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8 responses to “Tonight I Whacked-Off …

    • Theresa H Hall

      Thank you Daniel. I am so pleased you stopped by. There are five years worth of articles, recipes, poetry, reviews and much more for you to see. Ask Netter to stop by as well. Good friends always remain in my heart.


  • karensdifferentcorners

    I did that last week, but I colored mine :-))

  • Melody J Haislip

    Theresa, now I understand why you made so many new friends on Facebook! I got my hair cut a couple of weeks ago by my new friend, Joe. 🙂

    • Theresa H Hall

      There’s something so nice about a guy going by the name of Joe. It’s so comforting and strong. Joseph, Joe, my guy!

      Well since I saw you last night (your time) this morning (my time), he did a very good job of cutting, sniping and whacking-off.

      I fully admit I was going for the shock value to entice my readers. I am really quite prim and proper, so this was a double entendre. I have the soul of a nun and a temptress. It must be my Moon Sign in Libra … always a battle. 😀

  • Charlotte Rains Dixon

    My hair is so short there’s not much room for cutting it. However, I did dye it a new color. Instead of blonde, I went for a brunette which turned out to be much darker than I had intended. It is pretty dramatic, and I’m still shocked every time I look in the mirror. But, I’ve just decided to rock it. And people seem to like it, much to my surprise. It really is fun to shake things up with a new hair do or color.

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