Kitty Toss-Ups!

"Soon to be seven years old in May, Regis is snoozing. He likes the best spots to lounge."

This term is my invention for when my kitties hurl those hair balls or have eaten something that did not agree with them or that they shouldn’t. A Bissell Pet Spot Bot is a good machine to use, plus we have found that using very hot water, almost to the point of too hot, combined with granulated Oxiclean helps to eliminate those stubborn stains.

Today is a delegated day to get on our hands and knees to clean these little stains. Most all pet people understand the necessity for cleaning up spills and accidents. It has to be true love for our pets that we keep them safely indoors; when all they really want is to roam freely about the neighborhood exploring. Nowadays, there aren’t little towns like Mayberry, where family pets experienced their personal freedoms. But on the other hand we do our best to safeguard these babies and provide loving forever homes. We do not own them. We are their Mommies and Daddies. They are part of the family … important members.

I will add that if you love your furniture might do what we do and cover it in order to keep fur, hair and any other mishap from messing up the surface. When you entertain guests they will have a pet-free place to sit down and enjoy their visits. Our gigantic sofa is the same red-suede as is the pillow. We get to see it whenever we wash all of the comforters and throws. A small price to pay to have our babies warm and cozy. Love your pets because they offer us unconditional love and who doesn’t need that?


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