State Of The Union Address

I am listening to President Obama telling us about jobs here, being brought back home to the USA and not giving tax breaks for businesses overseas. Clean energy, infrastructure, making the drillers produce the evidence of what chemicals they are using. We need safe drilling for America’s land. Refinance your home without bank red-tape and run around. Smart regulation to prevent irresponsible behavior. Wind energy. Take half the defense funding, pay down half our debt and use the other half to put Americans to work. He talks about the farmers not being over regulated for spilt milk but he won’t back down from big companies who spill oil. Nor back down from insurance companies who charge women differently from men. Wall street will dance to a new tune. No more risky investments with their depositors’ money. Never again will they be bailed out by the American people again. Never ever again. Those days are over and the big banks and companies on Wall Street will need to document everything.

Pass the penalties and investigate and hold accountable those who broke the law and hurt the housing industry, that hurt so many of the American people. Stop a tax hike on 60 million Americans while the recovery is still fragile. Pass the payroll tax cut without delay. Let’s get it done. The deficit … millionaires need to pay more taxes … period. No more big tax cuts for the wealthy. Good! More reforms to strengthened Medicare and Social Security. Big earners need to pay their fair share of taxes. 30% + in taxes and no special deductions, etc. Average Americans shouldn’t pay anymore taxes, we are the ones who need to have more relief. Americans admire financial success. But the wealthy  need to be responsible for paying their fair share.

Energy and health care is what we need to work on. Washington is broken … this is what the people think. Government needs to work together. Stop the corrosive influence in politics. I have to go listen to the rest. I love this guy!


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One response to “State Of The Union Address

  • Melody J Haislip

    It was an absolutely amazing speech, from an absolutely amazing President. Did you notice that in the poll they took right after, NINETY-ONE (91%) PERCENT of Americans were in agreement with his proposals? 91% – that’s unheard of!!!

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