Cooking Healthy 2012

I have found that Jasmine rice is absolutely delicious without any adornment. We have been consuming a lot of this lately, measured out in our delegated portions. Last night I prepared it with basil leaves, orange zest and juice, garlic powder and a tiny bit of salt and EVOO. Mmm delicious. I’ve been sautéing different fresh vegetables and combining them in new ways, in order to keep them appealing to me and my husband. We do get small increments of protein (although he doesn’t eat meat and this is a challenge), but we’ve done well with albacore tuna in water, freshly cooked fish and I also have been eating shaved turkey and baked chicken breast.

The soup in the pot is a recipe I remembered from a program I was on (The Cabbage Soup Diet) before we were married. Naturally, I have been tweaking it to be a vegetable-cabbage soup. Due to the salt restrictions, I have had to come up with ways to flavor our food whilst our taste buds became accustomed to the authentic flavor of each food we use. Surprising how the flavors come out when they are not masked with salt. Fresh salads are also doled out in 1/2 cup and 1 cup portions. So far so good we are reducing and feeling healthier for it.

I have to admit that I have been dreaming of fried chicken wings, mashed potatoes and gravy, corn on the cob dripping with onions, green peppers and butter. The biggest challenges have been no pasta, milk, chocolate, sodas, sugars, desserts or butter. We shall prevail and as soon as we get to our goal weights, we’ll be able to add in some of our favorite high-calorie foods, and you know … we’ll be measuring them as well. We can do this! Fillet Mignon is on my list and tonight I shall defrost a 6 ounce serving only to divide it into 2 ounce portions. Better to have it than not. For someone in love with food and eating this has been an eye-opening experience. Wish us Bon Appetit! Ha ha ha ha ha ha.


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