Family Is Everything To Me!

I love my family, the one I was born to and the one I married into. Each person has their own take on life, personal beliefs, religion, subjects of interest, tastes, fashion sense, opinions and issues … sometimes with each other. We’re only human after all. So it was quite disturbing to receive a phone call ten hours ago, and learn that my middle Sister is in hospital, and facing a serious operation this weekend. I think of her lying in her hospital bed … it’s 4:22 AM, and I wonder if she realizes just how many people are praying for her right now. I wonder if she can hear my fervent whisperings to Our Creator and my asking the angels to stay close. I wonder if she has, as I have been doing all evening, been thinking about old times when we were young and sharing a home. Has she thought about any of our girlish conversations and the games we played together? We bonded as siblings usually do when they are close in years. She held my hand and taught me things bigger sisters know about and I was her willing servant back then. I was devoted. I wonder if she feels the love I have for her. It is vital that she understands how precious she is. I hope she does and if you believe in miracles then please join me and countless family, friends and neighbors who are taking time to pray for her complete and successful healing. I sincerely thank you from the bottom of my heart.


6 thoughts on “Family Is Everything To Me!

  1. Dear Theresa,

    Never thought I’d hear my little sister tell me she’d had three heart attacks and was looking at major surgery. I have all my friends praying for her, too. She’ll get through this just fine, and we’ll all laugh about it later ~ or not. But afterwards … we tend to laugh at most things. It helps to cut them down to manageable size. Our family is everything to me, too.


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