Happy New Year Everybody!

I’ve been trying to see how long I could go without writing and I didn’t last too long. I hope you enjoyed seeing 2012 arrive as much as we did! Sheesh … it’s an election year … again … but it seems as if it has been going on for the past year. These politicians need a stage, like the one that’ll carry them out-of-town and down the train tracks. I’ve decided Sheesh! is my new favorite word to use instead of those other words I utter upon occasion.

Well it’s time to do my chores and hit the sack before the sunshine arrives. You guys have no idea how peaceful it is while you are fast asleep. It’s another world. Jazz playing in the background and the morning video hawkers are nowhere to be found or heard. I have decided on more affirmative action this year and a lot less television. I AM a changed woman. Dwelling on music, writing, and some other things I won’t mention.

Party like it’s 2012!


4 thoughts on “Happy New Year Everybody!

  1. Oh please do not give up on showing us wonderful recipes and photos. Please continue to write.. I so enjoy your postings.. When I first viewed this posting I was taken by the bright bright picture of the full moon. Then on closer scrutiny I note it is not the moon. Then I laughed and realized it was 3am.. Jazz… now that is nice to go with action..

    • Frank, I’ll keep writing. SOmetimes I feel as if I am addicted to this electronic communication and I am compelled to write. I promise to provide you with enough fattening food to carry you through the year!

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