Shh …. Joe’s In The Studio

Wow. Exciting news that after months … no, make that years of compiling new music the guys new CD is nearing completion. Joe is in the studio so I cannot go about banging my pots and pans making loud noises. He is also working on his own CD and it should be ready by this summer. 2012 will be a very good year for our creative efforts. HooRay!


5 thoughts on “Shh …. Joe’s In The Studio

  1. Boy, does that look familiar… me and mine, similar. Though I don’t worry about banging pots and pans as kitchen’s sufficiently far away from his studio not to get into the mix… Good luck to Joe.

    (I’m newly subscribed to your blog, by the way).

    • We’re in rural Wales. All sorts of music – he plays new agey stuff and composes it – a fan of Jimi Hendrix and Sting (both of us the latter!) Plays various instruments, guitar, bass, keyboards, djembe. Always mixing something or the other… various other stuff. I had a ‘music I love’ page in my previous blog but that’s gone now… too many to name, really.

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