Hot Shoppes Returning To D.C.

I like the little news snippets I get in my email from The Washington Post Newspaper. This afternoon Mike DeBonis, a blogger for the publication reported some rather wonderful news. Hot Shoppes Restaurant is returning to Washington, D.C., and this is exciting news!

J.W. Marriott, Jr, will be stepping down from running his family empire (maybe best known worldwide for their hotels), and has made the unforeseen announcement that the beloved restaurant chain will open its first Hot Shoppes (since the closing of their food chains and outlets in 1999), which will be located downtown, in their newest hotel The Marriott Marquis, located next to the Washington Convention Center.

The very first time I went to a Hot Shoppes Restaurant, complete with drive-in service, was after a Saturday morning Summit Hill (located in Silver Spring, MD) swim meet. Our swim coaches drove us there and we piled out of the cars with all the enthusiasm of children bent on enjoying a well-deserved celebration. I recall ordering their chocolate milkshake, onion rings and steak and cheese sandwich. Everything was perfectly cooked, and for years it would be my staple or food of choice when dining there.

Years later they would open Hot Shoppes Cafeterias (where I worked a number of times during and after high school), Hot Shoppes Jrs. and Roy Rogers. My friends and I hung out there on Friday nights, Saturday afternoons and usually ended up there after football games, too. Sometimes my boyfriend, David, would drive us there to have one of their delicious hamburgers and fries, coke and naturally, a chocolate shake. I also relished eating their fried chicken, mashed potatoes and strawberry shortcake. I loved this food chain and millions of like-minded Washingtonians did as well. Imagine our disappointment when they did close twelve years ago.

These food outlets helped the Marriott family to open their lovely hotels all around the globe. They had a vision and it grew. Their policy was and still is, “The customer is always right” even in this day and age.

I for one will be one of the very first patrons to dine in their new Hot Shoppes and as soon as I find out the anticipated opening date, I will begin the countdown to something wonderful to look forward to. Yes, I used the word wonderful because the food was delicious, the service always top-notch and my countless memories outstanding.

Here is the link to the story.


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