Horrifying Murder In Brooklyn

"Tragedy & Comedy by Anthony Dawson"

Seventy-three year old Deloris Gillespie of Brooklyn, New York, was found burned to death in the elevator of her apartment building late Saturday afternoon. She had been brutally attacked by forty-seven year old Jerome Issac, also of Brooklyn. He had been taped on the surveillance cameras at the time of the crime, and later walked into the police department, wreaking of gasoline and confessed to setting a fire. A fire is terrible enough, but he had killed someone! Elderly Deloris Gillespie was despicably cornered by strong Jerome Issac in the elevator. She was helpless to defend herself … her arms full of groceries, she was doused repeatedly with accelerates before being set on fire and left to burn to death.

You can read the entire story here for more maddening details.

For the life of me I do not understand the evil lurking in the minds of others, or the lack of self-control of bestial instincts allowed to surface and run rampant. What is happening to the world? Why is there so much violence and what can we do to make it end? I am mystified by the ugly in the midst of the beauty that surrounds us. We must strike a balance and tilt the wrongdoings into good doings. When will we learn to love our fellow-man/woman. When are we going to demand it cease?

I don’t usually talk about stuff like this, but I had to!  After reading about this heinous and senseless act, I cried my eyes out for poor Deloris Gillespie. When people do horrible things it has a ripple effect on us all. We have got to do something.


4 thoughts on “Horrifying Murder In Brooklyn

  1. That is horrible, sad and still shocking, although evil crimes like that happen everyday. :[

    When you said people doing horrible things can have a ripple effect on us, it made me think of this Scripture…

    “Do not be conquered by evil, but conquer evil with good.” ~Romans 12:21

    We all have to fight the good fight! See you later, sweetT :]

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