Reasonings Within

Part One: Discerning My Social Proclivities

Part Two: Sometimes I Do And Sometimes I Do Not

Part Three: Continued …

I have been posting pictures of some of my favorite things lately because I sometimes forget to be thankful enough. Yes, I am guilty of believing I do not have enough, when in reality I do have what I need. Through the years, I have purchased things that end up on a shelf, in a drawer, inside a cupboard or on a bookshelf. I have failed to value my possessions as I should. I should not want things just because another has something similar. I should not be mesmerized by commercialism to acquire things I do not understand how to appreciate, or even remember that I have until I rediscover them. I stand guilty. I say this because although the world is beautiful and magnificent, there are so many people who have absolutely nothing but themselves. Who am I to want more things! I am humbled by this word greed, because I would not consider myself a greedy person (I live a modest life) … yet here I am tormented by what I have and tempted by what I do not have. Am I unworthy? Have I failed myself … or my beliefs?

The sleeping kitten was given to me by a lovely woman I used to work with as she knew how much I love cats. This tiny creature inspired me to name my blog, “Sleeping Kitten-Dancing Dog!” not only because I have a family of felines, but because at the time I thought up the name, Peter and his brother Bobby, had been tearing around the house, up the stairs and back down, then to the basement and back again, were finally asleep. Their little bodies moved in unison, their soft intermittent snores filled the air. Peace reigned again for a few hours at least. I had always wanted a dog and I thought to myself, “Oh how the dog would dance to see these two fast asleep. That dog would dance for sheer joy!”  And so it began … this eclectic collection of my works.

You could ask why am I rambling? I do this when I am troubled by outward circumstances that seem to creep in unannounced, to peck away at my reserve and to interrupt my calling. My creative calling that is. I feel a kinship with the late poet and author, Edgar Allen Poe, who fought off his demons by writing furiously, in order to keep the silent Raven at bay … “Nevermore” . I need not ask myself if I want to write, writing is something I have to do and with my upbringing, an examination of conscience is as normal to me as breathing. The spirit of this writer and artist is indeed a person who is deeply reserved, untouchable, outwardly social, yet always holding something back. That I have let you in thus far is the only logical thing to do, for after I am dead you will be able to understand my true self, my loving heart and the disdain I have for the bad things and attitudes in life. It’s the reason I am so very hard on myself. You might believe I am egotistical and in some instances it is true. Someone like me needs to have the ego of a performer, thinker and orator in order to exist. It is a complex combination of my DNA, that includes bits and pieces of all the roads I have chosen to travel. I hold onto the words “This too shall pass” and thankfully, I have faith that it does.


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