Tree Santa

It’s the little things in life that end up being the most meaningful to me. The wonder of a tree that has been decorated lovingly by hands old and young. The scent of an extinguished candle. The wafting aroma of burned incense on special occasions. The colorful glow of twinkling lights strung across branches of green. Ornaments kept through the years, sentimental memories of holidays past.

This little santa has been on every tree each year and the smile he gives to me reaches a place in my heart that I keep secret. May your upcoming holidays be spent with those you cherish and may you feel the warmth of the spirit and give of yourself. I believe when we give something no matter how small, the reward is in knowing we have the ability to share and that we choose to do so without expectation.


4 thoughts on “Tree Santa

  1. Beautiful thoughts. Ornaments on the tree bring back precious memories. Some families pass them on to the next generation. They become the carriers of stories and family legends. Thank you for the wonderful gift.

  2. Wow, you’ve really got your tree up early. Matthew and I got a pretty little cedar tree, about three feet tall – four if you count the pot it’s planted in. We have lights up at our windows and we’ve got little tiny ornaments for it. This is my first tree in four years, and I’m so glad to have it. All my sentimental stuff is still in boxes back East, but next year I mean to reclaim it. Love your little Santa.

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