Perspective begins with the way we perceive something. I find that when I do not write, my mind tends to push the pictures, conversations, words, songs and thoughts around inside my head. Once they are transformed into a physical form they have achieved a life of their own. They exist.

The painting here is one of my own. I decided to photograph of a portion of it, and then turned it by rotation onto its side. Light and the dimming of it transforms the features and hues, depth of colors as well.

Just had to write this down before I venture into dreamland, so I wouldn’t keep thinking on it.


4 thoughts on “Perspective

  1. Interesting as well as earnest stuff.

    Basically, I ain’t much inclined to art house paintings.

    But this one just stole my heart. The color combination is too awesome. And the way it has been photographed elevates its presence.

    Good going…

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