Go Ahead … Take A Little Credit

All right. It isn’t just me you’re looking at when you do. Do what? When you see me. You’re part of the equation. Go ahead … take a little credit.

I am a product of thought … mine as well as yours and every influence and inflection of every person I’ve ever met, been familiar with, seen in magazines, on television or the movies. We as humans pick up what we are taught, the words we read, everything we see, witness and are affected by. We are a product of our families, environment, causes, employers and the DNA programming we came with. Think about it. We might be us but we are also a lot of they, them, things … others. 

I read this line many times. “You are what you think”. I don’t recall who came up with this phrase, but it’s practical. We can be likened to sponges, complex computers that have engineered ourselves up (if science is to be factored in … through evolution), into living sentient beings. Yet at the same time no two of us are ever identical. Each of us is unique. And since I believe Our Creator (we didn’t come up with all of this by ourselves … to believe this would be folly), gave us our awesome imagination, sense of adventure, exploration and humor, it is only fitting that we acknowledge that who and what we’ve become is attributed to everyone and everything around us. Our surroundings, ever-changing and constant can be inspiring as well. We absorb what we want and many times what we don’t want then process it like a sieve. The end result is in how we perceive these things, what they mean to us and particularly, if they are believable. The choices are ours, and as you have figured out everyone does this in their own way. We are constantly growing whether we want to or not. It’s a fact.

So when you look at others and while you are processing their effect on you, so too, are they doing the same. Think about it. Go ahead … take a little credit.

Theresa H Hall

Freelance Writer & Independent Contractor


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