December The Twelfth Month

I always look back as much as I look forward during these thirty-one days. December the last month of the year, heralds a holiday promise, a little trepidation, a lot of shopping, adventurous baking, friendly and family gatherings, and for many of us, religious and winter traditions. Many of my friends are born under the astrological sign of  Sagittarius so there are birthdays to recognize, and the clock seems to be ticking down until Old Saint Nicholas takes his ride around the world on his sleigh accompanied by his eight tiny reindeer. It can be a mystical, joyous and fulfilling time. It can also bring on dark days for many who are faced with the dreary prospect of not a happy time, but of just trying to make ends meet, which means sad stress during these impending weeks. 

I believe to face the days of December with hope in my heart, would be in recalling times past, and planning small instead of the normal craze-induced dilemma of spending and charging gifts and taking a few months to pay them off. It’s so thrilling seeing someone we love open a gift that we took time picking out and wrapping with gaily colored paper and garnishing with a bow. However, this time will be mostly time spent together and eating festive cake and cookies, and drinking coffee or a holiday blended tea. Simplistic will be the mood and the children will be the ones to benefit, whilst the adults will look on, some wearing a wistful look.

What’s important is in as much as we can look forward to the upcoming holidays and rituals, we may also look back and remember how we arrived here. I will do so with an open mind and a forgiving heart. I will let the people I care for know how much they mean to me, and refuse to allow strained circumstances to dampen the spirit of the season. I wish everyone a joyous and happy holiday season, filled with love and healing and peace on earth. Remember to do something kind for another. Perhaps visit your local nursing home to spread some warmth by reading a story to cheer the elderly who might feel left out. Stop in at the fire department and thank the volunteers who put their lives on the line. Be a lovely customer while you shop. Spread the love and feel the warm glow return to you every time.

Theresa H Hall

Freelance Writer & Independent Contractor


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4 responses to “December The Twelfth Month

  • Neeks

    What a nice post, full of Christmas thoughtfulness. The holidays Can be a difficult time, for those who have recently lost family members or friends, because of the current economic horrors everyone is facing, etc.

    We need to reach deep inside and remember the best gift you can give to another is yourself. People will not remember 10 years from now that you sent flowers to the funeral. They will remember that you went and spoke with them afterward.
    We have much to celebrate in our lives, hard as that may be to find sometimes.

  • Melody J Haislip

    Something I have done the last two years was to start one new holiday tradition here in my new home. Every year the Grotto, The National Sanctuary of our Sorrowful Mother, holds a series of concerts, beginning right after Thanksgiving. I plan to go again this year and listen to all the different choirs sing Christmas carols and holiday songs. It really lifts my spirits.

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