I Can’t Dance If You’re Standing On My Laces

Creative thought is just like a pair of dancing shoes lying dormant. Until you place them on your feet and wrap the laces around your ankles, they have no use … up to that point. So, too, is creative thought bound by distraction and negative thoughts hovering like thunderclouds that embrace flashes of lightning. Our thoughts just like the dance within, is longing to break free and stretch into the meaning of their promise. We have a power deep within us that lies dormant until we tap and use it. It is up to us to sidestep the pitfalls of outside thinking or circumstances. We can avoid letting them out or we can allow those outside voices to suppress our inner purge of torment or joy. Being creative also has to do with timing and temperament. We do not choose to be this way but it is up to us to allow the expressive dance to emerge, to be seen, to be revealed. To believe that this talent sprang from our everyday living is not the way we truly are. What we have inside was there from the beginning. Do not allow another to quell your purpose. Do not permit another to stand upon the laces of your dancing shoes.

Theresa H Hall

Freelance Writer & Independent Contractor


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