Sometimes I Just Read Your Blogs

Being a long-time member of BlogCatalog and their sister site, BrooWaha, I have such a variety of writers and bloggers from which to choose. I literally spend hours scrolling through blogs, old ones, new ones, my friends’ blogs, crafting blogs, travel blogs, technical blogs … well you get my meaning. There is such variety that I never grow bored or have a lack of entertainment. BlogCatalog offers its hundreds of thousands of bloggers a beautiful place to gather and support the efforts of fledgling writers, as well as polished authors. It is a beautiful spot where we may showcase our hard work and express ourselves while being a part of a professional social network. On BlogCatalog your blog(s) can get the attention you want them to have.

Millions of readers land on the BlogCatalog Home Page and if you are really lucky they might find your blog. The absolute best way to achieve this would be to become a VIB (Very Important Blogger) and get your blog to show up on the home page on a rotation basis. Your international readership will go up and your blog will become better known. Imagine trying to do this all on your own! 

Bloggers spend hours of time creating and maintaining their sites. It can be fun, but it is indeed a lot of effort to critique your articles, posts, placement of photographs, some ads, and try to garner the attention of that vast readership (millions and millions of Internet surfers). BlogCatalog has taken care of this with their Home Page, BC Blog, BC Directory and Individual Profile Pages. They present you and your work in a wonderful setting. They offer BC Discussions where many a blogger has made lasting friendships. There people get to know each other and have a worthwhile place to hang out, talk about current topics or what is on their minds. Because of the vastness of these threads and because people from around the world are on-line 24/7/365, there is always someone to talk to. Nice.

BrooWaha, BC’s sister site offers writers a more serious site to showcase their articles. It’s a place where good writers can become better writers … and what writer doesn’t need this? There are people from all walks of life reporting on their locales, giving their opinions on worldly matters and even sensitive poets who bare their souls for us to read. It’s what I have been doing lately. Visiting bloggers on BC and writers on Broo. So much talent, so many aspects and views on life and it is all there for us … right at our fingertips.

Get your blogs noticed on BlogCatalog using their VIB Membership. And if you want to step up your writing levels check out BrooWaha. They are both free, but for a nominal fee you can be on BC’s Home page and in the Spotlight now and then. For the serious writer and blogger, BlogCatalog and BrooWaha are the in places to be.

So if you haven’t seen me around as much lately it’s because I have been taking my time reading about you and your world and seeing first-hand how talented you can be.

Theresa H Hall

Freelance Writer & Independent Contractor 


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