Intervals Are Important

Intervals are important.

Being a writer is not a path. Writing is a career that chooses its minions and does it deftly, with aplomb. Typewriter keys being pounded upon, the scratching of quill against parchment, whilst scribbling within the confines of lamps or by candlelight. That yearning which comes to tempt the tamped-down and silent feral longings within, are clear signs you have been chosen … compelled to purge your innermost thoughts, the inklings of a story or the musings of your mind. Once you have acknowledged feverish angst and equally, the delight felt through your explanation of words, compounded to form the muddled mass into a clear picture, then you will feel the freedom of expelling this force which comes through you. A writer is an instrument … a channeling of the universal mind.

This is why time-outs are necessary and time spent behind the veil of solitude is like a soothing balm to quench the thirst. Writing can ravage the heart of a person to the point that the unplugging from the world is the only way restoration can be achieved. Solitude rushes in and the healing begins.

Intervals are important.


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