Andy Rooney Historical Treasure

"Photography by: Paul Hawthorne, Getty Images"

Sundays have always been special to me. Evenings spent watching television usually included the CBS show, 60 Minutes. It is filled with current events throughout the world, which are exciting, thrilling, fashionable, trendy and sometimes frightening. They wrap up their show by featuring Andy Rooney, with his five minutes of telling us Americans precisely what he thinks about whatever topics attract his attention this week.

The thing I admire the most about him is that he speaks his mind, and with Andy Rooney … everyone unmistakably knows where they stand. I bet if you had spinach caught between your teeth that he would be the first to mention it. He doesn’t mince his words, he chooses them with care for full impact. He is a master of the essay and has a head filled with good common sense. He’s the kind of man you can ask for advice and expect to receive the best answer. In his comparative thinking he looks at all sides of an argument and decides the best course to take. When he leans into the camera we wait to hear what he will say next.

For anyone who is not familiar this man, I would urge you to visit the show’s website and view a variety of his videos, in order to see for yourself just how his opinions carry weight with the rest of us. He is amusing, matter-of-fact, serious, comical and sometimes shows his disgust with any subject that displeases him. We learn from him and he shows us the power of the written word … when spoken with a sage voice. For decades he has caught and held our attention with his variety of outlooks, his gray bushy eyebrows, sweet smile and mild manner. He is a true gentleman and never raises his voice in order to be heard. He’s never had to.

60 Minutes is a good news show, but Andy Rooney has made it ever so much better. He gained our trust and never betrayed it. He will be sorely missed and even at 92 years of age, he holds in his hands, the hearts of the American people. Good-bye Mr. Rooney and many blessings from me to you. You are my Historical Treasure!


7 thoughts on “Andy Rooney Historical Treasure

  1. I agree that he had/has a special charisma, wrought by all the things you mention and by those clear, intelligent blue eyes. His sage demeanor came, I think, from his speaking with his own authority and because he knew how to develop an idea!

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