Mother’s Favorite Painting

"Golden Surf" by Robert Wood

What I am looking at right now. This was my late Mother’s favorite painting. She purchased it around 1968. She doted on the painting created by artist, Robert Wood. Many times I would find her staring deep into the intricate waves, over and again … just as I have done and still continue doing. My favorite focal point, is where the light shines through the left-side of the wave as it is beginning to fall upon itself. It is a splendid work of art and I don’t think I shall ever tire of it.


8 thoughts on “Mother’s Favorite Painting

  1. It is very beautiful. It’s the kind of place where I could sit and watch the waves for hours. What a nice memento of your mother.

  2. It was my mother’s favorite also. She had on about 5′ X 2′ lithograph. Now that she has passed, I am wondering it’s dollar value. Can anyone tell me?

  3. I purchased a copy of this work today from a vintage store and I’ve just now hung it on the wall. I can’t stop staring at it! I feel as mesmerized by it as you and most likely your mom did. Amazing.

  4. My Grandparents have the same print. Golden Surf. They had a light that hung over the painting to give it that glow. I inherited the picture and love it. It has so much sentimental value.

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