Sometimes I Do And Sometimes I Do Not

Part One: Discerning My Social Proclivities

Part Two: (continued)

Sometimes I do and sometimes I do not want you inside my head. So I write frivolous things, or discuss the weather or placate you with stories of my childhood. For the most part I have to confess that I hold everyone away with ten-foot poles and castle walls. I only allow a very few people to get close to me, and then I am much like a timid deer who tries to cross the roadway just as the headlights of an auto draw near. I want to be there before you … but I hold back. I draw into myself and shed light on the normal and the everyday. Were we to sit down and share a meal, a bottle of wine and a heart-to-heart, then most of you would be shocked to find how non-frivolous I AM. You would see a woman who is salt-of-the-earth, a rock, yet a wisp of wind. We would discuss topics of conversation and shake out the hidden agendas of the world. You would be presented a contradiction sitting before you equally of night and day, a genteel deep-thinker poised against the writer, painter, cook, baker, artist, sensitive poet and dreamer. The practical accountant and the vocalist, who could have you feel shivers run down your spine. I was not made for you or for me. I AM but a fastidious expression of my Creator. I AM here to do a job and the main point I need keep aware of is the fact I AM to maintain the light. Maintain the light … until I AM here no more. Until then, I will show you bits and glimpses of the complexities of my nature and allow you a tiny peek into the deep secrets of my heart. Sometimes I do and sometimes I do not want you inside my head.

Part Three: Reasonings Within


15 thoughts on “Sometimes I Do And Sometimes I Do Not

    • Stephanie,

      Mostly I just point and click. I use my Nikon CoolPix 4100, that was produced 2004 and we bought it Jan 2005. I am now behind the times (technically speaking), but it still produces very good shots. I like the screen I can see what I am doing and click. Thank you for saying.

    • Corinne, Every time I see your smile I smile right back at you. I have to admit that this has been a summer of fear-ridden storms, personal loss and challenges. I have always shown reserve and at times, feel the need to explain the whirling neutrons of my mind.

  1. Dear Theresa, When we recognize that we are not here for ourselves but to hopefully be a light then the path becomes much more focused and we are willing to move forward. Sometimes, more often than not it is scary, but we know that we are not alone. Blessings to you my dear friend, Catherine xoxo

  2. Theresa, your words are very close to what I feel. I sometime I write words and/or prose that reveals a glimpse of what is inside my head. Other times hid behind words that have multiple meanings. I applaud your openness of your posting.

    Your pictures are artistic and beautiful to say the least. Your recipes are to salivate over and delicious to eat. Yummmmmmmmmmm

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