Sometimes I Do And Sometimes I Do Not

Part One: Discerning My Social Proclivities

Part Two: (continued)

Sometimes I do and sometimes I do not want you inside my head. So I write frivolous things, or discuss the weather or placate you with stories of my childhood. For the most part I have to confess that I hold everyone away with ten-foot poles and castle walls. I only allow a very few people to get close to me, and then I am much like a timid deer who tries to cross the roadway just as the headlights of an auto draw near. I want to be there before you … but I hold back. I draw into myself and shed light on the normal and the everyday. Were we to sit down and share a meal, a bottle of wine and a heart-to-heart, then most of you would be shocked to find how non-frivolous I AM. You would see a woman who is salt-of-the-earth, a rock, yet a wisp of wind. We would discuss topics of conversation and shake out the hidden agendas of the world. You would be presented a contradiction sitting before you equally of night and day, a genteel deep-thinker poised against the writer, painter, cook, baker, artist, sensitive poet and dreamer. The practical accountant and the vocalist, who could have you feel shivers run down your spine. I was not made for you or for me. I AM but a fastidious expression of my Creator. I AM here to do a job and the main point I need keep aware of is the fact I AM to maintain the light. Maintain the light … until I AM here no more. Until then, I will show you bits and glimpses of the complexities of my nature and allow you a tiny peek into the deep secrets of my heart. Sometimes I do and sometimes I do not want you inside my head.

Part Three: Reasonings Within


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