Happy Birthday Julia Child!

Enfant de Julia de joyeux anniversaire!

This lady means a lot to many millions of people, but she means a lot to me as well. In 2004 I was wondering whether or not I should apply to French school to learn about baking. I asked for a sign and Julia Child died on my birthday, August 13, 2004. I could not have had a more significant sign than this. I applied, wrote my essay on why I wanted to attend the prestigious L’Academie de Cuisine, just outside of Washington, D.C. then I crossed my fingers.

I went on my formal interview with Chef Francois Dinot, LAC owner and legendary French Chef, and was accepted to attend their French Pastry Arts Course. I figured out the financing and other capital and everything fell into place. I am glad I asked for a sign and I think about this lovely woman many times throughout the year.

I wrote another post about her today as well, and I invite you to read it. Still she influences and urges me and millions alike when we watch her PBS videos. Bon Appetit and Bon Anniversaire Dear Julia Child!


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3 responses to “Happy Birthday Julia Child!

  • Perfectly Imperfect

    For me too, Julia Child is an inspiration.

    It was her passion and great determination to what she loved, inspired me the most. In her process to find herself, she eventually found out what she loved doing the most, what relieved her during bad days at work and that was cooking. She had great passion and determination towards it, and even if she failed, she never lost hope and always had an positive outlook on life.She had an utter joy for whatever she did. She found out what she gained joy from, mastered it and inspired thousands of people across the globe.

    I too love you Julia Child!

    Happy belated birthday! 🙂

  • Theresa H Hall

    Thank you so much. Julia will always be a treasure!

  • John

    When others were being birthed and cable not yet unveiled, she was pretty much ‘the’ word in televised cooking. It was either her or a Betty Crocker cookbook if you were lucky.

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