Southwestern Linguini

Last night I created salad

and southwestern sauce

and added it to my linguini



10 thoughts on “Southwestern Linguini

  1. Theresa, that looks soooo Yummy! It’s my b’day today, and while I doubt I can find any one that makes anything that good, we are going Italian tonight. There’s a well-known place, (unfortunately, Alice no longer has a restaurant here–b/c she would make it to order) but Elizabeth’s is good, and if we call ahead. I really doubt it would be that yum! I have to mail this to Chazz; he’s good in the kitchen. Thank you. It’s the perfect present for me! Take good care of yourself. Linda

  2. If food were a source of healing, yours could make the whole world feel better. Your blog is so lush and so full of food and art and music and beautiful things. You are like a Goddess of the Hearth and Home.

  3. Hi there! I just discovered your blog today. I just want to say that your food pictures look amazing. I actually kind of want pasta with some kind of homemade sauce now…

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