Holding My Breath

I’ve been holding my breath all summer and hopefully soon I will be allowed to exhale, relax, to breathe normally, concentrate without oppression, confusion or anxiety. I feel things so deeply and dream about them whilst I lie sleeping. Matters of the heart, art, creativity and conversation, nurturing and caring is fundamental in and around me. I need to breathe … at ease … relax and breath a sigh of relief.


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5 responses to “Holding My Breath

  • scribadiva

    http://youtu.be/3BZI_kDzJE8 there are two songs, entitled ‘Just Breathe.” One is by Pearl Jam, and I do like that one, but the one by Anna Nalick. I’ve been wanting to share this with someone, esp. a writer. The lyrics are underneath. I’d like to know what you think. I had considered adding it to a post I’m writing on creativity, but I use videos so often.
    If you are the same kind of writer I am, I think you will esp. enjoy this, the third stanza. It explains why we MUST write, and I think you are like that, but it’s filtered through your wonderfully creative cuisine. The photos with colors are so vivid I can smell them. Considering that my head injury makes it difficult for me to eat at all, I can always open your emails to stir up an appetite, and remember what I once loved about food.
    I thought there was HTML/Java options. maybe it’s only my template of my “secret blog” on WP.(I couldn’t resist the template, it was beautiful.
    Hey, aren’t you in love? Or did I misunderstand? In any case, I never get here often enough. Oh, my Reader is working, and I owe you an excellent review. How’s ‘biologically never hungry, but when i have to eat, i gaze at T111’s colorful, aromatic photos, and I drool. Dr. can’t explain it! Enjoy the rest of the summer! Ciao for now, Linda P.S. Thank you for following me sunny-side up!

  • scribadiva

    Sorry, I always forget important things, and they are not lies! I love your Harlequin, and I was thinking. Within a few months, I’ll have a lot more time to write, at least I hope. I knew a band named Harlequin, I actually started a novel based on them, 17 chapters of funny outrageousness–and someone stole my laptop. No one would believe who stole it, but this is the vip: When I do come up with a “I must write about this–now” possibly you could sell me limited rights to your work? Think about it. No rush. I’m a big fan of abstract expressionism (did you do any of this with a mouse? I’m asking b/c I remember Konye East was running competitions.) In any case, I love all your work above. didn’t want to leave without saying so. Sweet tides

    • Theresa H Hall

      Linda, thank you. I’m glad my cuisine can trigger any memory of food for you.

      Yes I did the Harlequin with my mouse and she reminds me of my middle sister when she was a teenager. Limited rights to use it … how so? Please expound so I will understand a bit ore. You can email me theresa@blogcatalog.com to go over details on this.

      Just breathe … will be what I hope to be doing, as soon as our sweet darling girl is laid to rest. (Sister-in-law)

  • Melody J Haislip

    I hope the time comes soon when you can feel at peace again. I know that is what Janet would want for you.

    • Theresa H Hall

      I have been most fortunate in my families, both related by bloodline and by marriage. Janet’s birthday was last Tuesday, August 2nd, a bittersweet moment. Her services were grand and befitting someone so well loved and respected. She counted me as her little sister and told Novil, her husband that she called me her Sweetie. I cried when I heard him tell me this. letting go is never easy. She has been gone just more than a week now, but we know she is watching over us.

      Mother’s fifth year anniversary was July 28th and she was wonderful. I adored my sweet Mother! Today, August 7th, is Jean’s birthday, my Mother-in-law. She has been gone now since 2003. We sang HBDay to her earlier. Janet’s and Joe’s eldest Brother, Frank, left us June 12th. It’s been a tough summer, but we are blessed that we enjoyed these wonderful people in our lives as long as we did.

      I am most fortunate in those near and dear to me.

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